How Global Warming Relates to the Industrial Revolution Global Warming relates back to the Industrial Revolution in many ways. During the Industrial Revolution many new inventions were made that would make life easier for people back then and also in the future. One of the inventions was the steam engine which later lead to the combustion engine that is put in cars, boats, and trains. Global Warming ties in with my subject of Heat Sources because for the steam engine coal was used to produce the steam that powered the engine.

When coal is burned it produces many toxic fumes such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid, not to mention carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the major leaders in the heating of the atmosphere. When heat from the sun enters the earth s atmosphere there is no way for it to get back out because of the carbon dioxide, which comes from engines of motorized vehicles. An example of this is when you leave you car out in the sun the temperature rises in the car because the heat from the sun enters the car, but there is no where for the heat to go once it is in. Global Warming can be traced back to heat sources because during the Industrial Revolution the steam engine was the main tool used for work in mining and transportation. To power these engines coal was used to heat water that would 6 eventually produce steam and make the engine run.

The steam engine lead to more complex and definitely more pollutant engines in further years. These new age engines are one of the causes to Global Warming. New engines need to be constructed that either produce little to no pollution so that the earth does not rises in temperature to the extent that it is inhabitable. Some cars that are being made are using electricity, which produces no pollution, which is a very big break through for the future of the earth. Here is a picture of an old steam engine that was used during the Industria Revolution 7 Here is a picture of the main contributor to Global Warming.

In this picture you can clearly see the pollution coming out of the cars stuck in traffic.