Gun Control is a very controversial issue in American society today. Gun Control is an issue that has been fought over for many years and still has not been resolved. Many groups (organizations) have formed due to the issue of gun control, some being extremely large and powerful. These groups include; PAX, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and the NRA. PAX and The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are two very strong anti-gun groups. Both of these groups also have very strong arguments.

One of their main objectives is to solve the problem of gun violence by putting a ban on the sale and possession of all handguns and assault weapons. This, of course, is an extreme way of dealing with gun violence but is very much a possibility. This especially in today's society, now with even more emphasis on gun violence than ever. One of the main arguments of the two organizations is against John Lott. John R. Lott Jr.

has made many claims about concealed weapons. He researched his data from FBI reports and many other sources. John Lott's summary of claims is that if there had been a right-to-carry a concealed weapon provision, in those states that there isn't, than an extensive amount of murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults could have been avoided. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's claims against John Lott's research is this: John Lott based his research on methodology and not on fact, making his research realistically false. Lott's data is incorrect, their of, proving his research to also be incorrect. Lastly, John Lott's work has been called into question by many well known, respected, academics, including; the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and the University of Chicago.

These academics provide ample evidence that Lott's work is, in many ways, flawed. The NRA is one of the country's largest and most powerful organizations. Not only does th NRA have a very strong influence on American citizens, it also has a very strong influence on congress. The NRA strongly believes in the second amendment or the Right to Bear Arms (est. 1791). The second amendment states "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The basic argument of the NRA is that gun laws stand a purpose.

As long as gun laws are enforced to there fullest extent, guns will no longer be a problem in the US. Since gun laws are not enforced to there fullest extent, guns will remain to be a problem in the US. It would also be much easier to enforce the laws that currently exist, rather than to amend the constitution, making guns illegal. Lately, the NRA seems to be weakening, due to the latest gun related violence, including the Columbine High incident. The NRA is however working to prevent this type of violence from happening again.

One of the many new innovations introduced, in part by the NRA, is a new type of lock, preventing anyone but the owner from using that particular gun. As a matter of fact, this is one of the few ideas shared by both pro and anti gun delegates. This new innovation and many other new innovations will hopefully help avoid any other instances similar to Columbine. I firmly believe in the NRA and all gun laws. Though, at the same time I firmly believe in ending gun violence. As a hunter, I want to enjoy being out in the wilderness, with my family, without any worries, including being shot by someone who has no clue whatsoever as to what they " re doing.

In order to receive my hunting license, I had to endure 72 hours worth of classes. I then had to prove my maturity, independence, and respect (toward nature) to the most important person of all... my father. As a citizen, I want to be protected against gun violence. That is why I believe in gun laws. The gun laws that exist (if interpreted correctly) clearly present the solution to all gun violence and when enforced, the solution becomes even more clear.

I'm not saying gun laws are not enforced because they are. In reality, gun laws are simply misinterpreted due to the lack of reason given by those reading the laws. I am just as scared as anyone else of gun violence and also want a solution just as much as anyone else. Just as long as the solution is a considerable one, not abolishing either side of the issue. As a gun owner I give total respect my gun and treat is as if it were always loaded, even when I know it's not. I want to keep my gun and eventually pass it on to my son and / or daughter.

I do not want to pass my gun on to the government, where which it will be destroyed. I think of my gun as a tool, not as a weapon, just as any other sport would require tool (s) to exist. I have never shot a deer or any other animal, nor have I ever taken a shot at a deer or any other animal. It is my opinion that a shot should not be taken unless it is and / or will be a clean one.

Unfortunately, not all people think this way, making hunting just as controversial as gun control.