You " re sitting in a dark movie theater. X-Wing fighters whiz across the screen, and light sabers flash. You " ve seen it all before, but now it's better than ever. Star Wars, the Special Edition, is a classic that has been updated for the 1990 s. The new Star Wars has additional special effects, a more realistic home planet, and improved sound.

The original Star Wars movie had great special effects, but they weren't as good as today's computer-generated special effects. In the new Star Wars, the spacecrafts are more realistic-looking, because they are images created by a computer rather than actual models. So, they have been given more details than the original spacecrafts, and they can fly and maneuver more easily. An example of this improvement can be seen near the end of the movie when the Rebel Fleet attacks the Death Star. For example, there are more rebel ships, and the ships can twist and swoop with ease when they " re fighting the Imperial ships.

Thanks to today's technology, Luke Skywalker's home planet, called Tatooine, is also more lifelike. It has new creatures, more people, and additional flying machines. For instance, the scenes in the city of Mos Eisley seem genuine. In the original Star Wars, it looked as if not much went on in the city. Now, added people, creatures, and robots walking on the streets make it look busy. Also, there are many more spacecraft taking off, landing, and flying overhead.

The effect is that the city is more believable. Finally, the sound of the new Star Wars has been digitized -- it has improved in several ways. Explosions sound bigger. The exhaust sounds from the flying spacecraft are louder and actually sound as if they " re swooshing.

Also, voices and noises in the movie seem to come from your right or left side, which is a more realistic effect. For example, when several of the main characters are stuck in a garbage room with steel walls, Han Solo shoots his light saber to try to escape. The laser beam bounces off the walls, and you hear it hitting the right wall as if it were on your right side, and you hear it hitting the left wall as if it were on your left side. Improved special effects, a more realistic home planet for Luke Skywalker, and superior sound make Star Wars, the Special Edition more exciting than the original one. By updating this classic film and its sequels, Empire. Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, George Lucas, the producer, is making sure that they never go out of style!.