Change Management Mark NienkeManagement 330 Fred EidsonNovember 12, 2003 Abstract How do people survive in the changing business world today? Some people even excel with the dynamics of change. In today's business would one must change or be left behind hold the proverbial empty bag. Wonderful leaders create there own opportunities and fight for what they believe in. During a transition team building within a company is one of the most important things that will lead a team to success.

A successful leader is one that strives to motivate and empower their team to get through the change. A company with leader that can lead their team through change will survive. There are five basic prerequisites for leading a team through transition. The first is knowledge.

Knowledge worker are the cornerstone of successful business today. Knowledge workers are creative and treat there co-workers as there customers. The second is Vision. A successful team must have a mission developed and agreed upon by the entire team. They must believe in the mission. The third is Faith.

The team must believe in what they stand for. Before a team can build faith they must first have a strong mission and be knowledge workers. Vision is only an illusion without knowledge and a clear vision. The fourth is Initiative.

Peter Drucker says that "sooner or later all plans degenerate into work." In order for a team to be successful they must have initiative. One must make sure that the team fells like they are part of the mission. Thomas W. McKee states that "initiative without knowledge, vision and faith is misguided energy. Without initiative, knowledge, vision and faith are just a dream." The final prerequisite is training and development. A company must continually train and develop their employees in order to survive today's changes.

Closing I thought that this was a very well written article and the author makes some very good points. Business today is ever changing and a company must always be ready to change. I fell that the successful company is ready for change and not waiting for change. Our company tries to stay up with change, but we never really seem to be ahead of the changes. Business today is very dynamic and the successful companies will be ready for the changes. References McKee, T.

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