Q. Discuss some issue of personal, local, or international concern and its importance to you. Through out my high school year I have researched on many issues and all of the issues are important to me. All of the issues are important to me because in a way all of the problems are connected to each other and one problem leads to another. Out of all the issues I have researched on, the issues that concerns me the most are: Global Warming, Deforestation, Nuclear Waste, and Pollution.

They are important to me because these problems are the one that causes most of the problems. They cause most of the problems because Global Warming is caused by rising level of CO 2 and CH 4. Rising levels of CO 2 are increasing because of deforestation and deforestation means more CO 2 entering our atmosphere. Pollution is another reason why Global Warming is occurring, because pollution releases CH 4 and other materials.

Nuclear Waste is one of the major causes of Global Warming because it releases CO 2 and other elements. These problems are important to me because they cause tremendous amount of problems to the environment, which effect people who have respiratory problems and other diseases. When I said that they cause problems to the environment I mean they cause problems to the wild life because less trees takes away their homes, pollution and nuclear waste causes problems to the wild life also because it will mutate them or extinct them. Global Warming causes problems for people who have problems such respiratory problems because they can't go out and enjoy the fresh air because they can't breath in the heat.

Nuclear Waste causes problems to people who don't have problems because some Nuclear Plant owner can't find a place where they can dump their waste so they dump it into our water supply. By drinking this polluted water people can get sick which cause disease. Nuclear Wast also pollutes air because of the wastes that is being released from the Nuclear Plants. The reasons written above are why I think Global Warming, Deforestation, Nuclear Waste, and Pollution is an international issue. Today in this time period not many people care about these problems, problems that threaten our planet and our daily life. Today people only care about making money so they don't know what is happening and what is going to happen if it is not dealt with soon.

The issues that I wrote about are international issues, local issues, and personal issues to some people but there is such little being done to stop them from happening. To me this is also a personal issue because I want the world in which we live to be a better place for everyone. In the second paragraph I talked about diseases, and for some of them there is no cure found. Since I am planning to become a Pharmacist I plan to find cure for the diseases.