Michael Moore: Is the Left Nuts (Or is it Me) Topic Sentence: The Liberals of America, who are supposedly for the American people, have actually lost touch with the average American. Summary Sentences for Secondary Points: Forums for political thought, for the most part, are essentially a stage for political junkies to get out their own political agendas. The American middle class is usually very left, or liberal, on the issues. A majority of Americans do not take the time to educate themselves on actual politics until they are adversely affected by a political or economical incident. Politicians should go back to grass roots and reconnect themselves with the American public. By doing this they can find the actual problems with society, and not the problems that are pushed by special interest groups.

Details to prove secondary points: In the third paragraph of page 303, Moore writes about a flier that he notices which is promoting an anti-police brutality demonstration. However, this demonstration is less of a pro-American people affair than a "give me my time to speak" demonstration. In the fourth paragraph of page 303 Moore writes specifically that the majority of the public is liberal: pro-choice, pro-environment, and pro-labor. In the second paragraph of page 304 Moore writes of the 9-to-1-victory margin for Jesse Jackson over Michael Dukakis in Flint, Michigan, and the 4-to-1-victory margin for Jackson in the suburbs of Flint. This was directly after a large General Motors strike which was very harmful to the lives of these working class citizens. These people took the time to educate themselves about which candidate was more for the American worker.

However, the rest of America found Dukakis as the more appealing candidate and he beat Jackson in the primary by a large margin. In the third paragraph of page 305, Moore write about how politicians should live their lives much like the working class Americans. They should go bowling, or do other activities in which they interact with average Americans, and talk to them.