An entrepenuer is someone who assumes the financial risk of begining and managing a new venture. The venture can be based on a totally new idea, a new way of doing something, a new location, or attempting something no one else has done before. To start a small bussiness you need goood credit or the four C's. The four C's are credit capacity, collateral, confidence, and character. Who you are and who others belive you are is very important. As I looked over the articles on the entrepenuer web site, the three trials that I noticed were; hard work, determination, and commitment.

Not to many people I know like hard work. I would say that the majority of the public looks for the easy way out. The hard work I put toward this class will help me achieve my goal of earning an A. Anything that is worth having is worth my hard work. In my heart I would rather know that I worked hard for something than to know I was handed a free be. Comming to class everyday, doing reports on the weekends, and studying after school is all part of making the grade and making it count.

When it is all over and done with I can say, I did it and I earned it! Determination is another trait that is needed to control each persons own future. Its what makes you take risks and makes you take the nontraditional path. Its what makes you think of new possibilities to accomplish your goals. When I enrolled in this class I had been out of school for two years. I had a good job where I had the money for the things I needed as well as most of my wants.

Determination is what drove me to further education, and the relaxation that I wanted more for myself. Without determination I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be taking control of my future. Commitment is a battle within one self regardless of failure or success. You have to stay commited to what your trying to accomplish. When looking into making a commitment the first thing most people realize is that they are working very hard and they are not getting their desired results. The thing with commitment is that you stick through it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You take it all and in the end hopefully you " ll be rewarded. My reward for my long term commitment is an education and a good job. Doing this report has helped me realize what qualities I posses as well as the qualities I need to work on. When you decide to do something, and really do it, it takes alot more than just completing the assigned task. It takes hard work, determination and commitment to yourself as well as the tasks ahead.