Something to Write Home About Will I ever get this right! exclaimed Norman, who went to go pick up his fallen arrows. Poor Norman said his mother, he s been trying so hard since his father died to become one of the best archers in all of England. You see, Norman is a small man and he has never been successful at anything. He doesn t really fit the role of a knight mostly because of the color of his skin. There are not too many black archers in the world. Plus the fact that he is five foot two and only ways one hundred pounds is pretty bad too.

His dad died when he was only five from a fight between England and France so little Norman was left to carry on the family legacy all by himself. He also was an only child who had only his mom and his blacksmith uncle to depend on. He had not found any girl who ever liked him because of his appearance. He was all-alone and he only had his dream of arching to carry him through life. One day when he was little he saw an event that changed his life forever.

It was the All England Games. They had duelers, sword fights, and they had the one thing that change little Norman forever; the archer contest. He loved how they looked so proud and could shoot the arrows so far. One day is the exact words he said to himself that day. Ever since that one day twenty years ago, Norman has been trying desperately to make it there; and now he has. Norman walked up to the tent were the contestants were awaiting there turn to shoot and he could help but notice how big and powerful they looked.

How can I compete with this he said to himself. Worrying in his own self-doubt, he started to think if he should maybe run away and just forget about the whole thing. He was really thinking about doing this until the biggest archer came up to him and started to talk to him about the sport and how much he loved to shoot arrows. This made Norman feel a little better about his chance of succeeding and winning this whole tournament. As Norman walked out to the post to take his shots he started to get a little nervous but then he told himself that he will be okay and that is going to win this.

As he stepped up and stared directly at the target, he couldn t help but notice how hard it was to see the targets since he doesn t have very good vision. He let his first target fly and it went over the target and flew till no one could see it anymore. Immediately, he became really embarrassed and wanted to leave as much as possible but he sucked it up and decided to shoot his second shot. It was so weak that it didn t make it to the target. Now the audience started to laugh and he closed his eyes and shot his third and final shot right away. Little did he know but it hit the bulls eye.

He got twenty five points for it but it wasn t enough and he finished dead last. But he didn t care because he knew one day he would come back and when he did, that he would win it for sure.