DIVING FOR PEARLS ESSAY In the play Diving for Pearls by Katherine Thomson, the audience or reader are subjected to a play that not only addresses the issues of restructuring and redundancy in the working class towns, and the effect on the lives of the people involved, but they also see a world of the main characters, den s, social life, which I believe Thompson uses as a symbol for the future of the town. As both seem to be making changes not necessarily for the best. To make these issues more convincing, Thompson uses many techniques to make the world she created more realistic. Thompson does this by use of a filmic style of scene fusion.

Another way in which Thompson makes the play more real, and therefor more convincing is by the use of Australian language, including swearing, and a gritty, realistic work environment for the setting. When you walk into the theatre or open the play, the first thing you would notice is the setting. Thompson uses this to her advantage, as she describes her play s setting as the following. [It is] set in a gritty, realistic work environment. Thompson does this because use of naturalistic style helps audiences to feel what they are seeing- witnessing -is real. But why is a realistic setting more convincing to the audience.

The answer to this question lies in the fact that a realistic setting puts the issues raised in a more realist light. Thus making it more convincing to the audience. Thomson also uses a filmic like structure to link the scenes of her play, Diving for Pearls, together. This is done through the use shorter scenes that tend to dissolve into one another so that the story and issues that she is trying to convey rolls on better and there are no gaps in between the scenes. The reason Thomson uses a filmic element in the structure of her play is to make it flow better. This makes the play appear more life like because there are no pauses in the story which does not occur in real life, and therefore it becomes more convincing to the audience.

The use of true Aussie language in the play, Diving for Pearls, such as colloquialisms and swearing also helps the audience to relate to the play on a more personal level. This is because the play appears closer to home through the use of more common to the audience language. If an audience member can relate to the issues raised in the play because it uses language that appears more realistic. This in turn makes the play more convincing to the reader or audience. As you can see, in Diving for Pearls Katherine Thompson has used many dramatic techniques to create a convincing world with convincing characters and issues. She uses techniques such as a very realistic stage setting to make the play appear more realistic and convincing.

Australian working class language to make the play appear closer to home. And she uses a very filmic style of structure to position the audience to view the world created by the play and the issues and characters in that world more convincing. The dramatic techniques used portrait the play as very realistic to the audience.