By running the Internet Microsoft could set up any programs that they wanted to. Also the software buyer would have to sue it because his system (computer) would only be compatible with one type of software programming. In addition and most important, not only is it not fair, it is illegal and it leaves no room for competition. Because of the loss of competition, Microsoft or any other company should not be able to monopolize the computer software industry or any industry. First of all, Microsoft should not be allowed to monopolize the computer software industry because monopolies get rid of competition.

Without competition, consumers would have only one source to buy their products and would have no choice in the quality of products offered. Also, the importance of competition is to learn from competitors. For example, some company is selling products as soon as they hit the shelf. The other companies must realize what they are doing wrong and how to improve their own products.

But without competition and a wide variety they would advance slowly in improving their products. Competition would bring the products to the consumer more quickly. To stop monopolies, the Justice Department must find some evidence that proves that a company was performing illegal business practices. Competition should not lost just because on company desires to eat up the market. Microsoft should not be allowed to monopolize the computer software industry because it would give Microsoft the power to run the Internet. Since there are already many companies on the Internet they would be destroyed and go bankrupt.

"Microsoft can devastate a rival's market by offering a similar product free or by including a competing product within Windows" (Associate Press). The other companies would compete fo a little while until Microsoft finally took them over. For right now the software giant is unstoppable. Microsoft should not be allowed to do this. Microsoft should not be allowed to monopolize the computer software industry because it is illegal.

Monopoly, according to the Thorndike Bernhardt Dictionary, is defined as "an exclusive control of a commodity or service." Monopolies are acts of greedy money lovers. A monopoly in the computer software industry would destroy any chance for a small company to succeed or bring new ideas into the industry. Equally important, it would raise the economy sky-high, but it is illegal so it should never be an option. The only logical option that the Justice Department can take is to prevent Microsoft from being the only provider of software products. In addition to this, the Justice Department should foster healthy competition among rival companies. Microsoft should be allowed to exist but only if they agree to fair and competitive markets.

Otherwise, they should be terminated and cease doing business. Microsoft should not be able to create a monopoly because it is illegal. And like a cat landing on its feet, Microsoft so far seems to be escaping disaster. The U.

S Appeals Court handed the software company a major anti-trust victory when it overturned a preliminary injunction against Microsoft. Microsoft's product must demonstrate a "plausible" benefit consumers can not get anywhere else. But Microsoft still faces court battles including two federal lawsuits and many complaints from some twenty states. And armed with a court victory under their belt, Microsoft seems to be one step closer to being a monopoly.

And now with the heart of the Justice Department's case being taken away (Newsweek), the computer software giant is practically unstoppable. They should be stopped, and how should they be stopped It is up to the Justice Department to use its evidence against the software company to bury them so that they can never create the monopoly they so desire. Power to run the Internet, loss of all competitors, and because it is against the law, Microsoft should not be allowed to monopolize the computer software industry.