email: title: "The King of New York:" The Life and Times of the "Dapper Don," John Gotti John Gotti was born John Joseph Gotti, Jr. on October 27, 1940 to Fannie nd John Joseph Gotti Sr. He is of Neapolitan background, not Sicilian like most people think. His grandparents immigrated from a small village in the vicinity of Naples which was inhabited by Teutonic marauders in the sixth century, the Goths.

Members of the Goths were known as the Gotti. This is believed to be where the Gotti family got their name. The Gotti family had thirteen children including John Jr. , two of the children died when they were infants. Some of the children were: Gene, Peter, Carmine, and Mary Beth. The family lived in the Bronx until John was about six or seven.

They then moved to Sheepshead Bay. When John was twelve they moved to East New York and that's where it all started. When John was fourteen he was caught with some friends of his messing around with a cement mixer. The mixer fell over and landed on his toes. He was hospitalized and is said to be missing a few toes. When John was sixteen he joined the Fulton-Rockaway Boys street gang.

Because of this he dropped out of high school in Brooklyn. This was the beginning of his criminal journey to stardom. When he was seventeen he was arrested for the first time. He participated in a gang fight and was caught afterwards. He was only a juvenile so he was not jailed. Year later he was convicted for burglary and given probation.

He had an adult run-in for the first time when he was nineteen. He was arrested for unlawful assembly when he was caught at a gambling location during a raid. He received a 60 day suspended sentence. John kept it clean for three years. This was due to his pursuit of his love interest Victoria DiGi orgia. In 1962 he married Victoria.

A year later he was at it again when hew as arrested for being in a car reported stolen form the AVIS. He went to jail for the first time and state for 20 days. In the next year things just got worse. John had run-ins with the law three times. First he was arrested for breaking and entering and posses.