Constructing a cemetery is very useful for many reasons. People in Gotham City should construct a cemetery instead of a monument because people will use it, people will visit it and people will remember it. People in Gotham City need a cemetery than a monument. A cemetery will bring people happier. Many people should prefer to construct a cemetery.

A monument will not be helpful for the people in that city. First, constructing a cemetery will be useful for many people in Gotham City because people could bury their death relatives. There are many of people that could not be buried because there is not enough cemeteries where to bury them. So, the cemetery can be used for many people in the city.

A monument will not be used like the cemetery. The monument will be a waist of money for the city. The city will make money with the cemetery. Second, people in Gotham City will remember a cemetery than a monument. Many people used to visit the cemetery almost every year. For example my family always every year went to the cementary to visit our little brother.

We went there because we want to remember our brother and bring him fresh flowers. A monument will not be visited for many people like the cemetery. A monument is not important to people like a cementary because the monument is a still statue that we didnt use it. The cemetery is a place that we can use and visit every day or the year.

Third, people will be happier if they have a place where to visit their relatives. Also. They have a place where they can talk and cry all the time they want without any interruption or person that could disturb them. For, example I like to go to the cemetery to talk with my brother; in there I cry all the time I wan to. In there I can take out all my stress that I had.

I think that some people do the same. A monument didnt represent anything to many people because it is a huge thing that we see but we didnt have any feeling for it. A cemetery represent to us many things like nostalgia, happiness, and sadness. We can feel these feelings in the cemetery because of ours relatives that are in there. Finally, the cemetery will be a good idea to construct in Gotham City because it is very important to many people.

The cemetery will be a place where we can go any day that we like it. Also, it is a place were people visit when they need the necessity to go. I like this place because I feel free walking around the graves and visiting those that no one visits. People like those places were can feel some kind of feelings. As you can see a cemetery should be construct instead of a monument because it is better for the city and the people of Gotham City.