What is peace Is there really such a thing Has it and will it ever be accomplished When it comes to a task of answering these questions, I would have to say that I am clue less. Can you really blame me though Look at the world today and answer me this-Do you see peace in the not too distant future If you " re a believer I'm sorry to burst your bubble but I personally don't. Simply because there is no law and order and the fact that the world seems to know only one kind of peace, this is mere absence of war. However, real peace is that which comes from god, and not from the world. This is peace of soul, peace of mind, peace of heart, which surpasses all mere human endeavors and understanding. Yes of course the absence of war is a sign of accomplishing peace but isn't there more to it.

I for one certainly think so, I think through the agreement, understanding, and respect of all people on this earth can peace begin to take root and blossom. If we " re already aware of this then one would ask-Then why has there not been any victorious peace negotiations If they haven't accomplished peace by negotiation, after all these years of trying, perhaps it's time to try other things such as signing a peace treaty, influence peace to students by making a peace course and stop the media from promoting violence. A way to bring peace is to make every country in the world sign a Treaty. A treaty that specifically states that every country is forbidden to declare war on another. And if one does not live up to their given word then consequences will be paid.

If that is the case then all nations who have signed the treaty have to come together and help the country that is being attacked and consequently every nation is fighting against the country that initially started the conflict. I acknowledge and comprehend that this action creates a war and rounds the whole concept of accomplishing peace but it's also vita to the solution. The country that wants to attack will have to think twice before doing so if they are aware that every other nation is watching over and being vigilant and protective of all the countries. However there is a catch, in order to be defended by all the nations the country (which ever it may be) that is being attacked must have signed the treaty and if they did not then they must now.

I think the small and defenseless countries are the ones that will find this the most appealing and beneficial because they can feel more secure, safe, and free of worry of ever being attacked. I am aware that the treaty Germany signed after WW I failed, however we mustn't forget that, that treaty was totally unreasonable and unfair which makes it very unlike this treaty that I speak of. In my point of view, another way we can bring peace is to teach the true meaning of peace and love to our children, for they are the future. It would be wise to teach them at youth when they " re still uncertain about lots of things having to do with life and haven't quiet developed a sense of right and wrong. It's also very significant and essential to follow it up later on in school to be positively sure that they not forget. I think every school should have some sort of a peace keeping course which not only emphasizes on keeping peace but also teaches the students strategies to resolve potentially disruptive or dysfunctional conflict situations.

If they were taught this, the world would be a lot conflict free. This course could be looked as similar to sex education because as we all know it's better for teenagers to learn about this subject in a proper, rational, safe, indoor place and most of all to learn it from a competent, mature professional such as a teacher, rather than out on the streets from their friends. The point I'm trying to make here is that this peace course is just as important as sex education and thus it should be taken under consideration. The last but most defiantly not least way we can achieve peace is to stop the media from promoting violence. The media as we all know has an overwhelming influence on the behavior of children as well as young adults.

We all know that violence on television does indeed lead to aggressive behavior and consequently it must be stopped. Admiringly so, it's easier said than done. We mustn't let our young one's watch violent contained programs simply because they know not the difference between what is real and what is make belief or pretense but if we do let them watch it, we the parents must make sure that we watch it with them and talk to them and explain to them the differences of make belief and what is real. We need to crack down on such web sites that has procedures to making home made bombs and other weapons, for if we don't, god forbiddingly, we " ll be faced with horrible and inconceivable outcomes. To conclude I must say that some of my ideas of achieving peace may sound a little irrational to one but I'm only saying what I think will help. We are far from accomplishing peace but if we start from the little things such as the peace course, I was talking about earlier maybe we can remain hopeful for the best in the years to come.

Like I've said earlier, I truly believe that the signing of the treaty will work if given an opportunity. The treaty will create the formation of one like a whole big family and the leaders can symbolize a mother taking care of her family by being vigilant and careful and most of all being protective of her children. The children in this particular case would be all the countries that sign the treaty.