The relationships between mother and daughter brought up in the film, "The Joy Luck Club" are very conflictive. They reflect a great deal of the way in which mothers act towards their daughters and vice versa. The film shows a very realistic view of the mother and daughter relationships in our modern world; which are very traditional in many ways. All mothers would like their daughters to get the best out of life. Su yuan, Lindo, Ying Ying and An Mei wanted the best for their daughters.

They tried to get the best out of them, but forgot to ask them what they really wanted to be like. They only thought about what they wanted their daughters to be like, and rarely cared about their feelings and opinions. These situations are very common in our days. We live in a moder world, but the desire to control others is what is denigrating our values. This desire is causing us to live in a constant war against others, just because we want every single person to do what wre would like them to do. But all of us need to understand that this is not possible, and this control is also something that mothers ty to implement a lot with their children, specially with their daughters.

The relationship between Rose and An Mei is very much alike the relationship the author, Amy Tan, had with her mother. Daisy wanted Amy to be perfect. She wanted her daughter to be a genious on the fields she thought were the ideal for her daughter. Daisy always told Amy what she was to do and how to do it. The same happened to Rose. Her mother An Mei wanted her to be perfect and was always comparing her with other people.

She was constantly putting her down and denigrating her. Rose tried to do her best just to please her mother, but she would never be satisfied. Rose only wanted her mother's love and understanding. Both relationships resemble in many ways to what our reality come to be these days.

Our mothers are always trying to make us be the way they want. I think that is only a defense mechanism that they are applying on us. It is possible that they are trying to build our life the way they wanted their lives to be like. Many mothers try to edificate their daughter's lives to be a perfect one. It is perfectly understandable that they want the best of the world for us, but they have to let us be ourselves. They have to understand that they cannot choose who do we have to love or hate, how do we have to do things or the proper way to act, dress or express our inner feelings and thoughts.

They gave us life but they also have to let us free. It is acceptable to a certain extent, that our mothers get involved in our lives to guide us. They need to be there for us to give us advice, love and support. Mothers have to forget about many of the traditional ways of educating their daughters; they have to understand that they cannot control our lives.

They need to be less overprotective with us and let us grow up knowing how to manage life the way they taught us.