Raj Sagar Francisco Gil Yeon Sik Kim Tannenbaum Freedom to Live or Freedom to Smoke What have cigarettes done for society nothing but taken away millions of innocent lives. Each year thousands and thousands of people die from either smoking or second-hand smoke. Smoking has not benefited anyone but the tobacco companies. They become rich while you are smoking away priceless years of your life. Smoking not only kills the smoker but also kills the people around the smoker.

I am here arguing in favor of the outlawing of cigarette smoking. Not for my sake or your sake, for our sake! Think about the children for a moment. We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. So the thought of cancer-causing chemicals circulating throughout our houses and apartments can be quite unsettling.

Yet, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, that is exactly what happens when someone lights a cigarette in your home. Those most affected by secondhand smoke are children. Because their bodies are still developing, exposure to the poisons in secondhand smoke puts children in danger of severe respiratory diseases and can damage the growth of their lungs. On top of that, the effects can last a lifetime. Ventilation systems in homes cannot filter and circulate air well enough to eliminate secondhand smoke. Blowing smoke away from children, going into another room to smoke, or opening a window may help reduce childrens exposure but will not protect them from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Think about the children, while you are supposedly enjoying that cigarette youre indirectly chopping away at your childs life span. When will people realize that cigarettes and tobacco have done nothing to help our society. Some argue that the tobacco industry provided many hard working Americans with jobs. That may be true but, what do you value more your job or your life. Others say that it is not illegal I am not breaking any laws! One must be able to differentiate between their given rights as a civilian and, their moral rights as human beings. Smoker should be aware of the fact that they are not only destroying his own life but also all people near the toxic smoke.

The effects of smoking on a person can very from major to extreme. Smokers wont feel these effects till later in their lives. Smoking has many effects, besides the diseases and cancers. There are far worse effects, mentally and physically. Smoking can damage a person permanently.

Smoking not only leads to death but also a painful death. Often times smoking leads to deadly cancers and heart diseases. Smoking is probably also one of the most addictive behaviors today. Fighting cigarettes will probably be one of mankind's most renowned achievements.

The only way to win this struggle against smoking is by working together. This battle isnt based on individuality but, instead on an us mentality. I said It once and Ill say it again please support the outlawing of cigarette smoking.