Slavery During the 1500's the slave trade was popular all over the world. Many of the negative effects fell upon the Africans who have to suffer through immense mistreatment many Africans were forced to experience the life of being a slave and having to face the torture of brutal beating everyday. In the movie Amistad, one could see how cruel and humane the Europeans were and how horribly they treated the slaves. The Africans were forced to leave their own country and life to came to an unknown place where they became slaves. Many Africans were kidnapped from their land, their home, their family and their friends to go to an unknown place where they knew no one. This kidnapping was cruel because the Africans were forced to a place where they had no rights and did not know what would happen to them.

The kidnapping was successful for the Kidnappers because they were betrayed by their own peoples. The Africans who betrayed them was either from another village or the peoples that were willing to trade their own people for weapon such as guns. Guns was significance because the Africans needed stronger weapons. The weapons they want was either use for protection or incase of future war. Life on the trade ships was exceptionally cruel. The African people were cruelly beaten and mistreated.

They were forces to be locked under the ship's deck with hundreds of other slaves, in unsanitary condition. The slaves were unable to do bodily functions or get up to walk around. The slave traders on the ship only fed the strong and the healthy looking peoples. The peoples that were sick were to be thrown overboard to be drown under water.

The slaves who tries to escaped was kill immediately any babies little children and some of the women were put to death. The remainders of the slave were scared, shocked, and frightened not knowing what was going to happen to them and to where they were taken to. Slaves were force to striped off their clothes and their humanity so they could be ready to sell at the auction. The reason why the slaves were striped was because the traders wanted the buyers to see how strong the Africans are, and how healthy they looked What the Europeans did was very cruel because it takes away their humanity, their reason to live and give them a bad reputation toward every body. Once the slaves reach the strange land, they were sold to landowners and any one that wanted to buy them. The slaves were taken home to work in the fields or to do house work.

Often their master beat them brutally just because they made a little mistake or just for pleasuring them self. Many of the African women and men were often rape by their own master. Also, often the master would make thee women sleep with men so that they could breed and have more slaves for them. Being a slave was terribly hard for the Slave, they had to work from morning till night.

No rest and little food were feed to them. The slaves got treated very bad as if they were a piece of machinery and not human being. During the years of working, the slaves were beaten harshly and force to work allot hours. Slavery was very cold and should not of happen in the first place. Slavery cause million of guilt and also cause society today to have race conflict. Still, today it has effects on the blacks, whites and brown color peoples, causing Communities to be unsafe and somewhat violent..