Logging Logging, a very important issue in today's environmental problems. Logging is the cutting and separation of new and old trees. Logging is huge portion of employment in the northwest United States. Without it our forests would be too condensed and the would be nothing made of wood. Logging is a very good thing, but, it can be very bad. Logging can be a good thing when it used right and certain precautions are taken.

Some pros of logging are, it clears areas for housing developments, not only in the U. S. For instance, in Kalenjin Africa, loggers clear out 8, 600 k 2 of forest for housing for the homeless. Yet, the environmental effects of logging are exaggerated and, in any event, are irrelevant to developing countries. One of lodgings biggest enemies is clear cutting. That is the worst thing that can be done in the logging industry.

Clear cutting is when loggers cut every tree in a certain area. By doing this they cut down young and old trees which takes longer to grow back. Logging should be when loggers cut down the older trees to make room for the new young trees. This rarely happens, but when it does it is devastating. There are many new alternative sources for the products we get from trees. For example, Trex decking.

There a new composites that are stronger, lighter and last longer than wood. Yet, these alternatives are more expensive and some are hazardous to the environment. The majority of these arent, and are decently priced for the life of the product. More and more are being produced and it lessens the amount of timber needed to be cut. In conclusion, logging is a good thing, as long as it isnt abused. Logging can be very useful and very harmful.

It has taken some dangerous turns, but those have been fixed.