Writing a persuasive paper can be very simple if you have the right outline and understand how to go about arguing a point. There are three key steps to writing a good persuasive paper. The last key is to clearly state your position so that the reader is not confused as to what position that you are taking. Having convincing support of your topic is a must.

You should also be able to anticipate the opposing position on the argument so that you can argue your point effectively. Follow these steps and you will have a great persuasive paper. Try and persuade your audience is to make sure you state a clear position. You should always state your opinion clearly so that the reader understands where you stand on the subject. When you argue a position you must be sure to state you opinion clearly, but do not overstate it. Try and avoid absolute, unconditional language and very carefully qualify your position.

A way to qualify your position would be to focus on one certain age group. Using the right word choice and appropriate qualifications satisfy two out of the three standards for an effective thesis statement. The third criterion is that your position be arguable. You should not be reluctant to state your thesis and forecast its reasons as clearly as possible. Do not worry about being explicit or oversimplifying the whole argument. Using that directness will actually help enhance your argument.

Convincing support of your argument is essential. If you can prove your point, people are more likely to be persuaded to take your side. Statistics and authorities work great for getting your point across. Showing the reader statistics like percentages and graphs will show them that you have taken the time research your topic. Establishing authority is also a nice way to credit your statistics. By proving that the source of the research, you can help the reader feel comfortable with the information.

There are many way to prove the source. I like to find my information from well known Universities or organization. I try to set myself up as an accredited source by showing my knowledge of the subject. Another way to successfully argue a point is to anticipate opposing positions.

To do this you must know the positions that others have taken on the subject and to respond to their argument. There are three main opinions for counter arguing: they are merely acknowledging others positions, conceding valid points by accommodating or making room for them in their own argument, and trying to refute your points. Repeating a phrase is a way to enhance cohesion. This makes it easier for someone to follow the argument. After reading my summary of chapter six you should have a pretty good idea on what the most important keys are in writing a great persuasive paper.

Referring back to this paper might be necessary in remembering all the keys, but they have now been simplified for you into three easy steps.