11: : TWO BRANCHES OF AGRICULTURE There are two main branches of agricultural production - crop production and animal husbandry. Crop production is the practice of growing and harvesting crops. The most important crops grown by man are grain crops, vegetables and grasses. In order to obtain high yields crops are grown under favorable soil and climatic conditions. Animal husbandry is a branch of agriculture including the breeding of farm animals and their use. Dairy and beef cattle, hogs, sheep, and poultry are widely bred throughout the world.

Farm animals are highly important sources of food for man. They are kept for the production of such nutritious products as meat, milk and eggs. Many crops grown by man are used in feeding livestock. At the same time manure produced by farm animals is an important source for the maintenance of soil fertility.

Most of the nutrients taken by plants from the soil are thus returned. Applying manure, farmers improve the physical condition of the soil. 1 2... to produce, to improve, to supply, to use, to increase, to harvest, to feed, to breed, to grow... The products supplied by farm animals are meat, milk and eggs. 2.

Farmers supplying their animals with nutritious feed obtain much milk and meat. 3. Grain crops harvested with combines produce higher yields. 4. Increasing soil fertility, farmers increase yields of grain crops, vegetables and grasses. 6.

Some farmers keep poultry in poultry houses in summer and in winter. 2. All grain crops take the same nutrients from the soil. 3. Some cultural practices are highly effective in controlling weeds. 4.

These two farmers use the same methods in growing vegetables. -: 1. What are the two branches of agriculture 2. What is crop production 3. What are the main farm crops 4. What does animal husbandry include 5.

What products do farm animals produce 6. What is manure used for 7. How do farmers improve the physical condition of the soi. , , .

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