Abortion is one of the most controversial issue in the present context. The world is divided into "Pro" and "Anti" abortion groups. I can be viewed in different ways but I place myself into the former one. Abortion is actually the case of individual liberty.

We have every right to decide for ourselves and it is none of others business to interface in our judgement. "Anti" abortionists are a kind of psycho person. Who has given them the right to decide other's fate? A child in the womb cannot be considered as a living one until and unless it has taken birth. This foetus has no human rights as it cannot be considered human until birth. So I believe that having abortion is as simple as having our hair cut or appendix removed. Wouldn't it be silly for someone to stop us from having hair cut? A woman may want to have abortion for several reasons.

Rape case is one of the most understandable one. Others may not feel capable enough to nourish the upcoming child. Many may have their own personal beliefs. This world is a free place to live in. So noone should try and hurt others feelings and beliefs. Man has been slow to adapt changes.

History shows this fact. As "History repeats itself", I am sure that sooner or later Abortion will be readily accepted and then legalized. If abortion is legalized it would be a boon for the feminist society. It certainly will turn a new chapter in the history of the Feminist Society.