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In Japan, there are many amusement parks. But don't you think that many are going down? What are the reasons for this? One reason is that the number fo the people in charge of the rides are too small. Also, if the guests come to the amusement parks once, they get bored of it and do not want to come again. Oppose to this, there is one amusement park that has none of these problems and still have a great popularity; Tokyo Disneyland. In this essay, I will tell about the secret of Tokyo Disneyland that makes this a popular amu sent park from two point; Tokyo Disenyland as a hardware and a software.

First, I will refer to this amusement park as a hardware. When I went to to Tokyo Disneylan, I found one point that makes the guests have real fun. The park is always clean. As you walk in the park, you will notice that the cast is always cleaning the concrete. Of course, you will feel good if the place that you are in is clean. This feeling makes the guests want to come again.

Also, the attractions are graded up sometimes. In many amusement parks, many parks do not up grade the attractions. This makes the gusts bored. Tokyo Disneylan does not make the guests bored. Then, I would like to tell Tokyo Disneyland as a software.

The people who are working inside the park, which is called the cast, makes us feel good. If we ask them to take pictures, they listen to are questions freely. This memory of the nice time they had makes the guest come again.

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