#1 Where: While I was inside Burger King eating lunch. Incident: A young male child about the age of five was eating lunch with who appeared to be his mother and sister. The child's sister appeared to be about seven years old or so. They both had a happy meal and the young girl was eating her lunch, while the young boy on the other hand was playing with his happy meal toy that he had just received. The mother was obviously annoyed by the young boys actions and said to him "Why can't you just eat your lunch before you play like your sister? ." Guide: Avoid motivating children by making comparisons between one child and another or by encouraging competition. Conclusion: this was a defiant misuse of the guide.

What the mother could have said instead would be "Could you please finish your lunch before playing with your new toy." #2 Where: While I was walking my dog through the park. Incident: A young female child around the age of four was running on the grass, her shoes were untied and who appeared to be the mother asked her if she could please stand steal until she tied her shoes so that she did not trip and fall. Guide: Learn to foresee and prevent rather than mop up after a difficulty. Conclusion: This observation was definitely a correct use of the guide. #3 Where: While I was shopping in the local grocery store.

Incident: A young female about the age of seven was sitting in the seat of a shopping cart. This child was hysterically crying for a reason that I didn't know I walked up after the fact of what ever made her upset. The mother of this child tells her "Stop being a crybaby everyone is watching you act like a brat." Guide: Avoid trying to change behavior by methods that may lead to loss of self-respect, such as shaming or labeling. Conclusion: My observation of how this mother reacted to her child crying was completely wrong. What the mother could have done if this child was crying because of misbehavior would be to simply ignore this child throwing a fit. #4 Where: In line of a local Taco Bell.

Incident: A women asked her child what he wanted off the menu, the child replied "A number seven" then the mother said that he couldn't have that it was to much for him to eat. Guide: Give a choice only when you are prepared to leave the choice up to the child. Conclusion: My observation on how the mother have her child the choice and then said no was completely wrong then the guide. If the mother didn't want her child to have a large thing then she should have narrowed down his choices for him like "Would you like a burrito or a taco?" . #5 Where: At a baseball field where I live. Incident: A young male child about six had a baseball bat in his hand and was hitting the ground with it.

A softball coach came up to this child and just simply took the bat out of his hand without even saying a word as to why. Guide: Redirect the child by suggesting an alternative activity that is consistent with his / her goals. Conclusion: What that softball coach could have done would have been to ask this child if he would like to learn how to hold this bat right, and maybe even show him how to hit the ball of a tee.