The play As Bees in Honey Drown was a somewhat strange play. It was still fun to watch. I did not know what to expect in each new scene. It was a very spontaneous play. This made it somewhat exciting. The acting in the play was very good.

The actors all seemed to have a lot of experience. The play only had a six person cast. They did a good job of filling up all of the roles with so few people. The actors did a great job of showing character with each new character they played. I would like to have seen younger people acting but only a couple of them looked to be students. Although the adults were great actors, I like seeing younger people more.

The play had quite a bit of vulgar language. I think this made the play less realistic at times. Most people do not swear as much as they did. They used curse words in places where they did not fit. This was supposed to make the play funnier but the play was not funny at all. It was just flat out weird.

The context of the play was the best part of it. It had a good overall meaning. The story was very good. I would like to commend David Leonard who wrote the play. Except for the vulgar language, it was written very well.

The play was done in a fairly small theater. There were not very many people there which I liked. I was easily able to see the play and was close to the stage. I like being up next to the action. It is easier to concentrate on the play and understand what is going on. I am happy I went to see the play.

I can now compare Justin-Siena plays to a play outside of Justin-Siena. There is a real difference between the two. I would say that the Justin-Siena plays I have seen are much better than As Bees in Honey Drown. Maybe true play lovers would like the play..