My expectations were definitely met by BEDROOM FARCE. I didn't expect them to keep my attention or make me laugh. My attention was definitely kept and I liked the play. At the end of the show I felt like it was well worth the time, and I felt like I may have ripped SCC off by only paying three dollars! I had no idea what to expect. I didn't personally know any of the actors, even though I am in the same class as two of them, and I had definitely never heard of Alan Ayckbourn, so I consider my eyes virgin eyes to this production. The title did fool me a bit, there was no monkey business and it wasn't a farce either.

I defined farce as a light comedy. This is not light, it is very funny. I laughed during and after the play when I was remembering some of the funny things that were said. This play is about four couples and takes place in three bedrooms. The play in general is about the way married couples in different stages treat one another. Also the play is about the ways that people deal with their relationship problems.

Some go from friend to friend totally self absorbed, tiring out the friends while others just ignore the things they don't like about their mate and coexist peacefully. The ideas of the play were very easy to understand while watching the play but very difficult to repeat on paper or to a friend. An example is, there are four couples in three bedrooms, one couple is the mother and father of another couple who are friends with another couple who is having a party and is going to invite the ex of one of the couples who are fighting... and WHEW! I am getting confused, aren't you? However, the play was delivered very clearly and very organized. I identified with little parts of almost all the characters.

I know what it feels like to be in bed with a bad back and a boyfriend who could care less, I also identified with Kate and her playful relationship with Malcom. Jessica Jervinsky who played "Kate " was by far the best actress in the play for me. Her facial expressions and her body movement truly captured the essence of "Kate" and kept my attention throughout the entire play. I also liked the way that Delia (Nikita Bleeder) and Ernest (Boyd Branch) related to each other.

They worked so well together and they never led me to believe that they weren't really a married couple. Earnest and Delia related to one another by knowing when to listen, from experience, and when to ignore each other. On the contrary, Kate and Malcom play jokes on each other and are very different from the more established couple. I had no doubt that Director Tracy Hill-Dressler would help the actors to perform convincingly.

It was easy to hear and see everything going on and the stages space was very well used. I enjoyed the lighting and the way that each room was decorated. The small and cozy SCC theatre makes a huge difference in terms of my enjoyment of the play. I could see and hear the actors, I was able to follow each couple flawlessly throughout the different incidents of the play.

The way each room was decorated led me to know a lot about each couple personality and the way they viewed life. This play is worth attending. I went alone because my boyfriend didn't want to see a student production. I had never seen a production at SCC and I didn't want to force him to going.

Instead, I sat next to two couples from London who kept saying "Is that what Americans think we sound like?" This was funny to me because I thought the accents were very believable. After the play when I was with my boyfriend, I giggled to myself when I would think of the funny events or lines in the play. He really missed out. I can now say with confidence to anyone to go see a SCC production play.