Raul Tru isilo said that the dance maker's medium is the human body. In class we have studied the different planes the human body moves in and the bones and muscles that form the human body. I believe a better knowledge of the human body, and our own bodies in particular, will enable us to move in ways that are new to our body. One of the choreographers said that when he is creating a new dance it isn't always new for the audience, but it is always new for him because his choreography is based on a different ways of moving and experimenting with different movement combinations.

When we formed into groups in class and told each other to change a movement that we " ve already seen before, we were using this same tactic. I have to admire women such as Isadore Duncan and Martha Graham for their devotion and creativity in dance. They are women who wanted something different and something liberating. I think modern dance for them was an escape from their, otherwise, everyday, mundane lives as women in their times. They broke some rules, and they succeeded. My favorite aspect was their choice in costumes.

They used loose clothing that moved freely. I enjoyed their break from the rigid layers of tight clothing women were expected to wear in their time. These women definitely took "everything" and added "more" to it with the intention of creating a new dance language that is still growing today. Modern dance is "everything that has been done, plus." This is the quote in the video that stuck out in my mind the most. Everything we do in class resembles something that has been done before, but we do it in a different way or at a different speed.