do you know what is the difference between abstraction and cubism? ? subjective frame: what do i see in the art work? opinions based on the knowledge of the work and a comparison with a similar work. past amd present context: make a judgement about how the artist created the work and possibly why it was created? you could discuss a feeling or reaction people get from the work. example: compare: titan and caravaggio or joy hester and jan van eyck: all these painters can be used to state a subjective arguement. structural frame: this frame details the art elements and principals of the art work: example colour, form, composition, texture. looking at a landscape you may say. ." a realistic painting capturing the cool colors of a winter morning.

the artist has also incorporated some warm colors to indicate drought... cultural frame: does the painting belong to an art movement and if so, which one? the cultural frame gives the viewer an indication of class, race, gender, politics, economics, technology... both within the art work and what was happening at the time. example: a comparison between lin onus and gordon bennett, both artists from minority groups, but different countries. discuss appropriation and the symbology of the work. post modern means to think how the artist has taken from the past and created a new context: like a collage of ideas, taken and recontextuatlised.

pastiche is a term used also. does the art work have the same meaning today as it did in the past? does the art work have the same value it had in the past? is there something missing from the historical scenario? if so what? compare barbara kruger and cindy sherman or artists from the sensation exhibition.