Q. 1 Trends and importance of rococo style According to the journal, Rococo style is described as a style of art that emerged from Europe in the early 18 th century. It originated from France. This rococo style was widely used in architecture and decorative art. The trendy Rococo style reflected the tastes of aristocracy of Europe. The products from rococo style dominate churches and courts in Germany and the salons in Paris.

The style, as described in the book, is no doubt one of the best of styles found around the world. Its history is simply putting it to us that it is good, attractive and has nothing irritable. Rococo style is simply meant to be of pleasant feeling for anyone using anything designed in the manner, because everything about the style is light. Generally, the rococo style is the best for anyone who loves a peaceful and pleasant environment, with nothing harsh or strong around them. This work is therefore going to describe the significance of rococo style as far as artwork is concerned. Principally, the term Rococo is derived from the word "rocaille" which means "rock work" or "shell work," a preferred design of the time.

It stresses simply ornamental, informal, asymmetrical, light design. It is as both the peak and collapse of Baroque art. Baroque had themes that were much stronger or heavier. It also had dark colors, and preferably, rococo was used to replace it due its delicate forms or curving, lighthearted mood and imaginary figures (Pile, 2005, p. 56). We learn from the journal, that Rococo was later out shined by the Neoclassic style in the mid, and towards the end of the 18 th century.

This was due to the way rococo was designed in shell-like curves and centered on ornamental arts. Critics used those reasons to imply that the style was frolicsome or just fashion (Pile, 2005, p. 66). Since the mid 19 th century, rococo had been known as the main era in the European art development, even though some people are still debating about the significance of the history of the art. The comparison between the Baroque style and the Rococo style is in the richness and the lightness of elements in the two.

Q. 2 My reaction I believe that rococo was preferably better than any other styles found globally. I would prefer it due to its simplicity and its favorable features. From my point of view, it is the most comfortable style to have around anyone and would provide them the much needed comfort.

The style is polite, friendly, and simple. This same style is one that I believe would be responsible for the state of my mood in the sense that, it would always keep me cheerful comfortable. That is exactly how I would feel when I am around a place filled with, for instance, furniture designed in the rococo style (Pile, 2005, p. 41).

I like the fact that this style has curved looks that come out in many different styles. They way the styles produced shell like curves. That would look very elegant on furniture. I also like the fact that the style comes in different ways that are described to be playful with a light romantic look. I imagine such a surrounding and just think it would give just a warm soothing feeling. I think what I would do if I was to put up a residential place for myself, I would make sure the rococo style is used to design everything from the architectural part, to the furniture and even the utensils.

With everything designed in rococo style around me, I believe I would be satisfied. I loved everything about the rococo style as described in the chapter. I like the whole idea of being around a place where everything is so simple, less serious, just light, attractive, and romantic. This style would be my preferred.

Reference Pile, John. A history of interior design. New York. NY: Laurence King Publishing, 2005. Print.