Why did the French Revolution move to a radical phrase in the second half of 1972? The French revolution moved to a radical phrase in the second half of 1972 due to the tense political climate created by foreign intervention, counter-revolution and popular political will. The suspicious and reactive nature in which the peasants, revolutionaries, counter-revolutionaries and monarchy into a political frenzy, pushing the Revolution to the Left and onto he onslaught of the Great Terror. The French Revolution moved to a radical phrase in the second half of 1972 as the pressures of civil and national war, the failure of the monarchy, economic hardships and popular political will culminated in a tense and suspicious political climate which pushed the revolution to the left. The threat of national and civil war was a crucial force in the radicalizing of the French Revolution in the second half of 1972 as the suspicious and reactive political conditions that it created in France, especially Paris, exacerbated the tension between the Revolutionaries and Counter-Revolutionaries. Lee reveals that since the establishment of the 1971 Constitution and the birth of the Legislative assembly, the left and right factions had been in conflict over the direction that the Revolution should take.

The right, in accordance with the King, In April 1792 the legislative Assembly declared war on Austria, a decision which Lee argues was central to the radicalization of the Revolution in the second half of 1792. In the tumultuous political climate The French declaration of War against Austria in April 1972 The 1971 constitution which signified the formal death of the Old Regime was designed to control the direction of the dynamic Revolution in accordance with the.