Love does not always bring happiness to people and lovers do not always treat each other well. When their families! or social pressure separates them, lovers can try their best to ignore the difficulties, but if they separated themselves, they! ll be more miserable. The main characters in this book! ^0 Wuthering Heights! +/- belong to the lovers who separated themselves. In 1770, Mr.

Earnshaw brought a gypsy child to his family and made his name Heathcliff. Mr. Earnshaw! s son Hindley hated him but his daughter Catherine liked him and always played with him. In 1775, Mr. Earnshaw died and Hindley separated Heathcliff and Catherine, and, he made Heathcliff a farm worker. Soon they met the Lintons, and Edgar hated Heathcliff, too.

Heathcliff wanted to have his revenge on Hindley and Edgar from then on. Catherine became a beautiful girl but she was also very selfish and proud. When Edgar asked her to marry him, she accepted, though she loved Heathcliff in her heart and soul. Why? Just because Edgar was rich and Heathcliff had nothing.

How could it be worse? Heathcliff knew it and disappeared. In 1783, Heathcliff came back after his 4-year disappearance. To everyone! s surprise, he became rich. But he was so cruel though he wore a confident, intelligent expression on his face. He began his plan. He married Isabella and deserted her; he won Hindley! s wealth, including Wuthering Heights, by playing cards; he made Catherine and Edgar! s daughter Cathy marry his dying son Linton and got the Lintons! wealth.

He had his revenge, but at last, he was very lonely. He gained nothing at all. Though he loved Catherine all the time, he lost her. Heathcliff died on a wet night.

They buried him next to Catherine, maybe he could hold her then. But what was the use? Disaster was over! A tragic man disappeared! The last Earnshaw, Hindley! s son Hare ton and Cathy would live happily from then on, I believe. Love is always with people. Although we can! t see it clearly sometimes, it will appear everywhere in the end. This is the truth that the writer wanted to tell us. Though the main characters spent their most time in sadness, in the end, the story gave us a wishful future.

Love never dies!