Story Telling & Painting Story telling has been around for ages. At one time or another everyone has listened to a story or read a story to someone else. Story telling is something that instructs and entertains. For many people it is a simple way of passing time, but this is not the only art form that is used to instruct, entertain, or just pass time.

There are many others like painting, basket making, music, drama, and so forth that also instruct. Painting is an art form that can be just as instructive or entertaining as story telling. As different as painting may be from story telling, there are still similarities in the way it instructs and entertains. Story telling has been around ever since man has been walking the earth. Take the Bible for example, the Bible has a collection of stories that date back a long time ago.

Telling a story is a great tool for instructing or teaching, because often when people try to get a point across and it is not sinking through people will use stories to try and create a better understanding of what we are talking about. For purposes of entertainment, stories have also developed into movies, books, plays, and things of that nature. Most stories entertain because of the fact that most of them are not real and people enjoy listening to fictional stories that have a meaning behind them, especially children. Another reason why people find stories entertaining is because most stories end up telling morals or lessons. Stories make people use their imagination to put pictures with words instead of words with pictures. Take any fairy tale or any fictional story, as soon as someone reads them pictures automatically pop into their heads.

Yet another reason why people like stories is for the anticipation for the ending. Most people cannot wait to find out what happens at the end of a good story. Since this is not a perfect world not every one is good at telling stories or even likes to tell stories, so there has been other forms of art invented to help this. Painting is another art form that dates back to the beginning of man. When people look at paintings or drawings many people consider them just a picture and not a way to instruct. Since drawing and painting is something that I am rather good at I have learned to not look at a painting as just a painting but as visual communication.

Take children's books for example, because most young children cannot read people put in pictures that help illustrate the story so they can understand them, therefore instructing them. Paintings are also used on flash cards when trying to teach a foreign student English. Most words can be put with a visual and elementary teachers will use this method of instructing to show students the actual picture and the word associated with that picture. People will also use paintings to help get a point across when nothing else will work. Painting is a way of taking words and putting them into a visual context. We could take any instructive story and turn it into a painting and get just as much out of it.

When looking at a painting people have to use their imagination more because it is not spelled out for them like a story. Someone could think it means one thing where as another person could think it means another. While in stories it is written out for whoever is reading or telling the story. Story telling and painting may have their obvious differences in the way they instruct or entertain but they are more similar than we think. Both story telling and painting are entertaining except one is to the ears and the mind while the other is to the eyes and the mind. Since everyone has different ways they like to do things there are many types of art forms that are used when trying to instruct or entertain.

Painting is one of many art forms that can do this. It instructs by using illustrations and visuals to get the point across. Whether or not the point is clear right off the bat is up to the artist. Sometimes the artist will have more than one meaning behind it and that is where ones imagination comes into play. The entertaining aspect of painting really depends on the viewer them self.