A. ) Profit Sharing Arrangements in Industry By creating profit sharing arrangements in the Industry, Fidel Castro is demonstrating governing Cuba in a communist way. This is because communism supports economic equality; and sharing profits is an example of this. B. ) Creation of More Agricultural Jobs Castro created more agricultural jobs, so that more people would be employed. Before him, there was a great unemployment problem in Cuba.

He strongly supported economic equality and wanted the farmers to make the same money as a businessman would. He also provided the life-basics for everyone, which agrees with communism. C. ) Agrarian Reform Agrarian Reform was in favour of the poor.

It was necessary for Castro to put it into action because there were much too many poor people without any land in Cuba. This once again brings up the factor of equality, which is the main factor in communism. Castro's main goal is clear, and that is in the long run, everyone in Cuba should have an equal chance economically and in life. NDP: SOCIALISM A. ) Job Creation/Training Programs The NDP last election, was offering to invest $1 billion for job training programs if they were elected the party in power. This is an example of Socialism: economic equality through government intervention.

The government in this case, is involving itself deeply to create economic equality. B. ) 20% Tax on Bank Profits By highly taxing the banks (who are obviously very wealthy), and not charging any income tax for people who make less than $15000/yr, the NDP is showing another example of attempting economic equality through government intervention. This way the banks, or "wealthy oppressors", make less, and the poor receive the longer end of the straw. C. ) Double Daycare Spaces By doubling daycare spaces, the government is giving mothers, or even fathers who are busy with their children, a better chance at earning an income.

With easy access to a daycare, a single mother can drop off her children in the morning, go to work and earn money, and come pick her children up from daycare when she is off work. Once again, this "government intervention" is helping economic equality. LIBERALS: LIBERALISM A. ) 1 Billion on Job Research and Development By investing such a large amount of money on research and development, this party is displaying an example of strong commitment to economic equality, even if resulting in debt. B. ) Lower Top of Income Tax Rate from 29% to 26% While lowering the rate of income tax, the liberals are still taxing highly.

There is no radical change in their small tax decrease, and this is an example of a "middle wing" kind of thing that the liberals would do. C. ) Invest 18. 9 Billion over 5.

5 years to Maintain Health Care This large investment shows more proof of the liberals' devotion to ensure that all people have the basics of life even if debt occurs; in this case health care. Another thing to consider is the key word, "maintain", which means they are not necessarily improving health care, or removing it. They are simply keeping it the way it is. CONSERVATIVE: CONSERVATISM A.

) Eliminate Debt in 25 Years Conservatives look at things in the long run and prefer slow change, and this is an example because they are basically looking to not spending much at all and letting all taxes go to reducing debt for a whole 25 years. They are thinking about the future because Canada's economy will indefinitely improve once the debt is eliminated. B. ) No Public Money on Job Creation By spending no tax money on job creation, this is an example of economic freedom, because it leaves the responsibility of getting a job solely to the individual him / herself . It is also an example of less government involvement in the economy. The main focus for the conservatives is debt reduction.

C. ) Cut Income Tax for All Canadians Cutting taxes for every citizen is a very right-wing thing to do. If the money is not there, the government cannot and will not invest in things that are better for the people, such as the basics of life, and job-training programs. This again will result in economic freedom and leave the poor people on their own.