I believe that subjectively we all act according to principle. These principles guide one's actions to experience a good life. An individual's perception of what a good life consists of may vary extremely from one to another. I believe that a good life consists of independent thinking; however, life should not be planned out or analyzed to the point where fear rules your life. Yes, it is great to be knowledgeable, and achieve a greater consciousness of consequences. However, aspects of life are not tangible, such as love; therefore, they cannot be explained because there is no real explanation.

'The Good Life's ignifies a type of Nirvana that one may experience in a lifetime. Some may call it full self-realization. For one to live a good and content life, one does not have to be a certain type of person or be living a certain lifestyle. As a statistic many people in the United States choose to be homeless. I presume they enjoy this and it makes them content. Thoreau in "Walden" created his own shack on Walden lake and experienced his own version of 'the good life'.

To find 'the good life' I I believe that these principles guide one in the decision making process to attain the central most important thing of each individual, which is to attain happiness. Happiness is something that cannot be specifically explained, but its universal meaning is understood by all. I do not believe that humans will ever be totally and completely happy because that's human nature. There is a constant need to want more, therefore human nature makes it extremely hard and virtually impossible for one to attain a feeling that would leave one absolutely content with their life. Complete happiness can only result from the acceptance of one's life as is, therefore, desires and wants that will cause one to want greater degrees of happiness must be eliminated.