where as the basic thinker is only as good as the mold that made him the extraordinary thinker is a superhuman idealistic machine that is in need if a serious reconsideration on the part of the rest of humanity. although the freedom fighters arrived one by one as the appointed time arrived. no one risked traveling with any other rebel, each wore a disguise each came prepared with an excuse for his business down in the sub oid tunnel. bobo arrived down in the tunnels with margo to start a little hanky panky to have little sub oids of their own see spot run run jim run put it in margo.

of all the things ive lost i miss my mind the most of all the things ive lost i miss my mind the most. can the dog run as fast as the fox im not sure about that cant i run faster than the dog? ? for a final sum up of all the things ive just said here a are you listening no the cow needs to be milked so i gotta go eat shit and die you nazi sons of bitches in eed my essay real fast so i will type this really fast and get it over with mech mech the the the the the the the the the th row row jump this damn thidnfg we are betryaed cried one of the rebels the animals have come to eat us alive this is not cool said the other can i have some of your chicken sad the frog it looks good.