One of the leading furniture manufacturer / exporter in the country today is Union Square Enterprises. For 17 years, it has been producing fine quality furniture for markets here and abroad. With the big success of this furniture company, it came to me as a surprise when I realized that Union Square is owned and managed by one person, Mr. Jose Leo Ca paras. Ever since was established, the owner decided to keep the company as sole proprietorship because he believed that having a partner / partners will only bring problems especially on the occasions when there are conflict in decision-making. Also, he opted to have less but efficient staff because he believed that having more staff in the office will further delay the work.

The main office of Union Square, unlike regular offices, is very organized and devoid of people walking back and forth. At first glance, one may think that there are many employees who are absent, but the truth is, six people are enough to do the administrative work in the office. I asked about the organizational structure of the company, Listed below are the hierarchy of the organization and their corresponding responsibilities. General Manager The general manager is the owner himself. He personally sees the over-all operation of the business and makes the final decision on all matters. He regularly checks the job done by all departments to make sure that all are done according to his instructions.

Being a general manager does not mean having just office work. The general manager also regularly goes to the main plant to check the quality of the furniture produced by their company. The general manager sometimes also serves as the furniture designer. Sales Department This department is in-charge of all matters related to the sale of the products of Union Square.

They are the one who develop marketing strategies to increase not only the profit but also the awareness of the consumers of the products of Union Square. Of course, these marketing strategies are employed with the approval of the general manager. Most of the staff in this department are designers. This is to aid the costumers in case that they need help in deciding the right furniture for them.

All matters which concern the costumer and their needs (i. e. delivery) are also handled by this department. The staff in this department does not stay in the office but rather stays longer in the showrooms. Finance Department This department is responsible for handling the incoming and outgoing money of the company. This department is also the one who budgets the expenses of the company and thinks of other ways of accumulating new profit.

Again, they do this job in close coordination with the general manager. With the on going economic crisis of our country, this department has the most headache compared to other departments Accounting Department Obviously, this department is checks the flow of money in the business. This department makes sure that all expenses are accounted for and all profit goes directly to the company. Legal Department This department takes care of all legal agreements entered by the company. It makes sure that all contracts signed by the general manager are in line with the law and does not entail any form of fraud. Production Department In terms of number of employees, the production department is the biggest of all the departments with a total of 230 employees, distributed on the six major divisions of the department.

This department cannot be found in the main office. They are mainly based on the furniture factory located in Pampanga. The production is the heart of the operation of the company; this is why great attention to all the details are given to make sure that all products have the highest quality. A production head is appointed to take care of the production of furniture.

He has to give attention from the procurement of materials to the packaging of finished furniture. He is also the one responsible for monitoring the rate of production so that orders will be done on time so as not to delay the shipment of exported products. Aside from these responsibilities, He also has to monitor the quality of products produced by the 20 sub-contractors of Union Square in various regions in the country. Production is also responsible for upgrading the designs of furniture and furnishings. A group of designers are assigned to create new designs for the execution of a separate group of craftsmen. After which the new design is presented for the approval of the general manager.

To help the production head, an assistant production head is appointed to keep an eye on the operations. The Production is divided into six major parts. They are the: Rattan Framing Division, Metal Framing Division, Weaving Division, Pre-Finishing Division, Finishing Division, and Final Quality Control. These groups are divided according to the work to be done so that after framing, the furniture is passed for weaving, pre-finishing, finishing, quality control, packaging and delivery. Through this system, work is much faster because the employees will able to master whatever they are doing because of repetition of work. Also, to ensure the quality of the product, the furniture passes thru a quality control in every division..