Listing "] Crowd waiting in anticipation "] Different kinds of people "] Roar of crowd when band started to perform "] Band screamed and jumped on the stage "] Audience followed the band "] Everyone was singing along "] Head banging "] Loud electric guitars "] Band member threw himself into the audience "] Sang all their greatest hits "] Drummer did a fantastic solo "] Closing song was topped with fireworks and confetti Final Draft The Rock Show It was the most anticipated rock concert in the history of Dubai. Slipknot, were to perform live at the Dubai Aviation Centre. As we entered the arena, we saw big and small groups of devoted Slipknot fans, some sporting Slipknot T-Shirts or caps. Everyone was talking excitedly, expecting an evening of raucous fun and noise. As the initial chord was struck on the electric guitars the crowd went wild. The band jumped and screamed on stage and the entire audience, as one, followed them, chanting the lyrics as though in a trance.

The guitarists were terrific and were major crowd please rs. The louder they were the more we enjoyed them play! In the middle of the band! |s most famous song, ! yen Wait and Bleed! |, the lead singer threw himself into the audience. We, the audience acted like his! yen trampoline! |, as we threw him into the air and caught him repeatedly. The drummer then did a fantastic solo, where he really showed off his talent and got a great ovation from everyone. To end this stunning concert, there was a spectacular display of fireworks which had everyone mesmerized.

Thus ended one of the greatest concerts Dubai has ever seen.