Leslie Cheung was born September 12, 1956 and he was the youngest of 10 children. His birth name was Cheung Kwok-wing. His parents divorced when he was young and he claims this is why he doesn't want to get married. After he graduated from secondary school, Leslie went to Britain to study at Leeds University. Leslie's career started when he returned to Hong Kong and entered a ATV Asian Music Contest, which he won second prize.

After that, he started going on stage performing and then television. But his acting career really took off when he took a role in the movie "A Better Tomorrow" directed by John Woo. Ever since his role in that movie, Leslie has been starring in some of Hong Kong's most famous movies. He is also one of the few openly gay actors in Hong Kong who played a role in "Happy Together." His most recent movie was "Inner Sense," of which he played a man who was about to commit suicide by jumping off the 24 th floor of a building. Leslie was also well-known by his talent in singing. In the morning of April 1 st, 2003, news was spread that Leslie had committed suicide.

Most people thought it was a bad joke for April Fools Day, only finding out later that it was no joke. 46 years old Leslie Cheung leaped to his death from the 24 th floor of the balcony of the gym of Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Pedestrians saw the body and quickly called the police, who then called ambulances. He was immediately sent to the Queen Mary Hospital, where they had family members and friends come to identify the body. A letter was found on his body.

Apparently. he had been suffering from depression for a while now. In the letter, it was translated in the newspapers as: "Depression. Thank you to all my friends, thank you to professor Mak Lit Fei-Fei.

This year has been too tough, cannot stand it anymore, thank you Mr. Tong, thank you family, thank you Fei-Jet. I haven't done anything bad in my life, why like this? Leslie." There are rumors going around, explaining why he was depress. Though no one knows which one is true, we can only assume. Mr. Tong, Leslie's lover, was interviewed.

He had said that Leslie had tried to commit suicide before, but failed. He was suffering from emotional depression because he wasn't healthy and he didn't get to fulfill his dream of becoming a director. Leslie Cheung was only 46. His family arranged his funeral on April 8 th. Fans gathered all over the streets of Hong Kong, awaiting for the van carrying him in his casket to pass, while holding pictures of him up. Family, friends, and fans bid their farewell to this Hong Kong star one last time..