Where are they? - Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada Who are they? - They are a federally chartered non-profit organization - They are the professional trade organization for the Canadian country music industry - The have been the principle advocate for the growth and development of the Canadian country music industry since 1976 What do they do? - They promote the interests of the Canadian country music industry, both domestically and internationally - They ensure the preservation and enactment of laws favourable to our industry Membership Criteria Artist/Musician Artist Manager One who performs before the public and / or through recordings, radio, TV, motion pictures, etc. Anyone engaged in the business of managing talent. Association Booking Agent Any association affiliated with the music industry or personnel thereof. Anyone engaged in the business of booking talent. Distributor/Retailer Music Publisher Anyone actively engaged in the distribution and / or retail sales of CD's and / or tape recordings and / or musical instruments. A music publisher or employee thereof who is a member of any performance rights licensing organization.

Producer/Production Company Publication Any production company or personnel thereof and / or anyone actively engaged in producing recordings. Anyone working on a commercial publication. Public Relations Radio Anyone actively engaged in areas of publicity, public relations, advertising or one who acts as a consultant. Any radio station or syndicator of country music or personnel thereof. Record Company Recording Studio Any record company or personnel thereof.

Any recording studio or personnel thereof Songwriter/Composer Talent Buyer or Promoter Must have had at least one song published, recorded and released; and must be affiliated with any performance rights licensing organization. Anyone engaged in the buying of talent and / or promoting live shows. Television/Video Venue Any personnel actively engaged in the television or video industries. Any venue (ie.

club, bar, festival, hotel) or establishment that promotes country music or personnel thereof. Affiliated Associate Anyone actively engaged in the music industry whose activities are not outlined in one of the other categories Open to newcomers to the country music industry. Associate members share in many benefits of a full member, but are not entitled to vote or hold office. Associate members will obtain full privileges upon written notice of professional status. Fan Corporate/Organizational Member A person who is not engaged or associated in any way with the country music industry, but would like to support the industry. A Fan is not entitled to vote or hold office but may attend any function established by the CCMA.

Companies that fall into one of the above categories are Corporate members. These members pay dues of $150. 00 and receive two votes. Membership Benefits Associate & Fan Memberships: ($32. 10) Free copy of "It's A Country Music Life", written for the CCMA by industry journalist Richard Flo hil - a guide to building careers for singers, songwriters and industry newcomers.

o 20% discount on sound equipment rentals from P. A. Plus o 10% discount on membership to CARDS o 1/3 off new subscriptions to Country Music News o 20% discount on a yearly subscription to Canadian Musician o $7. 50 discount on the purchase of The Essential Contact o 15% discount on JOE-RADIO membership fee o 10% off on CD manufacturing from RDR Music Group Industry Membership: ($64. 20) Everything the Associate & Fan Member gets, plus o You have a say in running the CCMA by voting for the Board of Directors and participate in the annual general meeting o You earn the opportunity to vote to determine the nominees and winners of the Canadian Country Music Awards o You receive free listings in The Book, the annual guide and directory to Who's who in the country music industry in Canada and receive your own copy o Priority seating at the CCMA Awards Corporate Membership: ($160. 50) Everything the Industry Member gets, plus o You Receive two votes..