Elvis and company then signs a contract with Hank Snow Attractions, which is equally shared between Colonel Parker and Hank Snow. Later in 1955, Elvis signs a contract with RCA Records and his Sun contract is bought out. The going price for Elvis was forty thousand dollars with a five thousand-dollar bonus for Elvis. Heartbreak Hotel was the first single under RCA. Three weeks after being released, it would sell three hundred thousand copies, go number one on Billboard's pop singles, go number one in the country chart, and hit five on the R&B charts. It was Elvis' first record to sell over one million copies, giving him his first gold award.

Later in '56, Elvis releases his first album, Elvis Presley. Once again, he hits the top of the pop charts and stays there for ten weeks. Scotty, Bill, and DJ are with him as he plays "Hound Dog" on The Milton Berle Show. This song is given in a very sensuous style causing great controversy among the press and some adult viewers. This just adds to his unstoppable popularity. This is the beginning of those morally concerned parents and parts of the religious community that can't stand the shaking hips or black sound from a white man.

With his albums selling millions and movies doing well, Elvis started to be known as the "King." Ed Sullivan saw the popularity as well as the controversy surrounding the Berle appearance that he offered Elvis a contract. A price is set at fifty thousand dollars for three appearances. With the rise of the King, Tupelo proclaimed there would an Elvis Presley Day. He returned to perform two shows on the very stage he started his career. The town and family also opened his birth house to the public for tours. With the fame, also came its perks.

There were all kinds of souvenir merchandise; lipstick, shirts, shoes, stuffed hound dogs, and of course T-shirts. The front page of the Wall Street Journal reported that over the course of a few months Elvis merchandise had over 22 million dollars in sales. With the fame also came the money, which is why in 1957 Elvis bought Graceland Mansion for himself and his family. The fame didn't stay in the United States, though.

In 1957, he did four shows in Canada, and they were bootlegging his records in Stalingrad. But, all this fun was coming to an end, at the end of '57 Elvis received his draft notice. He was a true patriot; a famous musician serving his country. He wouldn't hit the music scene again until 1966. He came back to be in his twenty-second movie and formally propose to Priscilla. On May 1, 1967 Elvis and Priscilla are married at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas in front of friends and family.

Exactly nine months after their marriage, Elvis and Priscilla give birth to Lisa Marie. The '68 Special was filmed a few months later to talk about how Elvis has changed music forever. All of the fame and money doesn't always mean happiness, in May of 1972 Priscilla and Elvis split. He started seriously dating Linda Thompson until late 1976 when they split and he dated Ginger Alden until his death. Throughout his career, Elvis made thirty-three movies, and dozens of albums that were nearly always successful. It is no doubt that he had a huge affect on Western culture.

He sang, danced, shook those famous hips, and reduced the female fans to fainting. By the end of his career, Elvis had the backing of nearly the whole world and millions of fans. Elvis' death is a mystery to nearly everyone. Most people are sure he's dead, but I can honestly say I think that nearly everyone has that doubt that he could still be alive. The mystery to his death gives way to all kinds of concoctions. The ones I found the most believable are as follows: the gravesite, the means, and Chiro's Book of Numbers.

The gravesite sports the wrong spelling of Elvis' middle name, which his father would have never let happen. Aron, Elvis' middle name, was misspelled on his birth certificate as well and his father went to great lengths to get it corrected. It had something to do with his stillborn brother's middle name, Garon. Elvis' current gravesite is between his father and grandma, not next to his mother, which he requested. So, it is theorized he wouldn't tempt fate by putting his real name on the stone or violate the ground next to his mother until he was ready to be there. The means came from Elvis' pharmaceutical knowledge as well as his founder Colonel Parker's knowledge of creating new identities.

Elvis knew enough about drugs that he could self-administer drugs that could create a deathlike state. Colonel Parker had to create a new identity for himself, he was an illegal alien from Holland. He made a completely new identity for himself, and could have done the same for Elvis. Chiro's Book of Numbers is by far the most interesting. Elvis had a fascination with numerology - an interest he fed by reading Chiro's Book of Numbers. The theory that the King orchestrated his death is further supported when considering the significance of the date of his alleged death.

The date in question is August 16, 1977. By adding the numbers in the date, 8, 16, and 1977, you get 2001. This is the title of Elvis' favorite movie in which the hero plans his immortality in the bathroom. Elvis spent a considerable amount of time doing the same: planning his afterlife on the john.

Elvis spent so much time in the bathroom that he had his toilet converted into a reclining comfy chair. Coincidentally, the bathroom is also where Elvis's body was reportedly found. Given Elvis's religious affiliation (Christianity), he had a fascination with things that come in threes such as the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The sum of the digits from his favorite film (2+0+0+1) is three. Let's consider the triad of the repetition of the number 24. 2001 (favorite film) less 1977 (year of death) is 24.

The two numbers from the day of death (8/16) when added up equal 24. The sum of the digits in the year of death (1+9+7+7) also equals 24. That is 3 occurrences of the number 24 which is divisible by 3, and when divided by three the result, 8 has a perfect cubed root (2 x 2 x 2 = 8). Elvis loved numerology, and when you consider the numeric significance of the date of his alleged death, it is clear that if indeed he did plan to fake his death, he could not have chosen a better date. The death of Elvis came as a great shock to nearly everyone, but I feel Elvis is dead, and it was better that he went out with a bang instead of a fizzle. That is how I feel he would have wanted it and that is the best way for it to happen.

The only odd thing about his whole death is the fact that no one has collected on his life insurance policy.