Josephine Alibrandi's story comes across more effective and enjoyable as a novel than as a film because it leaves the reader with a stronger and genuine sense of the emotions and battles that a teenager goes through the process of adolescence, and giving an idea of what would be like to be in search for your identity. Although the movie has the same story line as the book it is a let down because it doesn't deal with issues in the same realistic sense that the novel does. The film didn't pay as much attention to the big issues in the film nor did it go into detail as much as what the book did, it appears that the way that confronting issues that arise are dealt with in the movie are unrealistic. The movie would have been better off as a T. V series. he reason for that is that there are to many themes in the movie that are not given the attention and time that they should have.

For example: John Barton's suicide, There's no hint that he is unhappy, let alone suicidal the film rushed through the story so quickly the movie did not give a sense of morning which gave the impression that when a friend dies get over it there's more important things that you have to deal with. There was no time for the movie to go in depth into many issues but instead we were only left with a preview. Looking for Alibrandi is a novel about searching for ones identity but when watching the movie a lot of the family issues that are a key source to understanding of how it is that Josie goes about searching for a concept of who she is, these aren't portrayed with the importance that they should be but more or less just give a hint of what is going on. This is what makes the book more effective and enjoyable, the sense of practicality. custard.