Now tell me children, are rules that you abide by fair? Schools in the south are getting more strict each year, parents seem like they are getting tougher as we get older. Are these rules we must abide by fair? It all depends on the rule. I am sure that all of you out there have gotten into an argument with your parents. Yes? Well, you know that you have to abide by those rules that a parent sets. But are they all fair? bed times, Television hours, dating rules, where does it all end? In school, i know personally that i get into arguments all of the time with teachers because they make me do something to me that seems unfair. In our school, the elementary and intermediate school kids aren't aloud to talk when they are in the halls, or while they eat in the cafeteria.

Even if they whisper they are yelled at. is that right? How can children that young of age have the appropriate communications skills by the time that they reach the age level where they need it most -- highschool. PDA, public display of affection. Fair or crazy? Public dis paly of affection has gotten out of hand. If a couple is holding hands, and the principal sees, its all down-hill from there. hugging, kissing and holding hands.

other than that, how else are you supposed to tell if a couple is a couple or just friends? Think about these issues. Does anything need to be changed because of them? Or are they perfectly fine the way they are?