Rock and roll music is very influential in the lives of young people. From the origin of rock music to rock music today, many lives have been affected. Rock and roll music accompanies people everywhere they go. In the article, ? Rock and roll as Music; Rock and Roll as Culture? by Jack Santino, he discusses how people relate and identify with rock and roll music. Also, in the article, ? Rock? N? Revolt, ? Isabelle Leymarie examines the relationship between music and violence. People hear rock music when they ride in cars, when they shop at the mall, and even when they browse the internet.

There are elements of rock and roll music that influence the identity formation of young people. First, rock and roll music affects a young person? s clothing style. In the article, ? Rock and Roll as Music; Rock and Roll as Culture, ? the author Jack Santino discusses how rock music affects the way a person dresses. For example, he says how rebellious young people wear? motorcycle jackets, shoulder-length hair on men, spiked bracelets, and razor blades? (197). Another style of dress is typical of heavy metal or rock listeners.

For example, the band Metallica has a great impact on the way young people dress because when people hear their hard rock music it makes them want to dress in a violent way. Most people who like Metallica wear black shirts and chains hanging out of their pants to look like the lead singer. Rock and roll music also influences the appearance of one of my friends. To illustrate, he listens to the hard rock band Linkin Park, and he shaves his head and wears baggy clothes to look like the drummer of Linkin Park. He told me that the sound of their music made him want to him want to be like them, so he decided to dress like the drummer. In short, rock and roll music provides an outlet for young people? s emotions and clothing; however, the lyrics in rock and roll music also influence the identities young people experiment with.

Also, the lyrics of rock and roll music also affect the identities of young people. In his article, Jack Santino also discusses how these parents said that Ozzy Osbourne? s music caused their child to commit suicide (199). If a young person is troubled and he listens to a song about suicide, then this could cause him to possibly commit suicide. Also, the lyrics of the rock and roll singer Marilyn Manson have a big impact on young people? s lives. For example, his lyrics are very horrifying, and they may cause a young person to commit a crime or even use drugs. Another article that expresses the lyrics and the lifestyles of rock music is? Report on Violence in the Media and Children.

? The author in this article says that lyrics include bad influences, such as vulgar language, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, sexual promiscuity, domestic abuse, parental disrespect, rejection of authority, and the glorification of violence, drug use, rape, and murder (1 of 6). The article? Impact of Music Lyrics and Music Videos on Children and Youth? discusses how music lyrics and videos have changed dramatically over the past 40 years, and it also discusses the effects it has on children and youth. To illustrate, the article says that? rock music lyrics have become increasingly explicit-particulary with reference to sex, drugs, and violence? (1219). When people hear these explicit lyrics it may cause them to act out one of these elements. Next, Leymarie discusses in her essay how the lyrics in music expresses violence like the music of Ice-T (189). For example, his song? Cop Killer? is a good example because the title says violence itself, and if a young person listens to this song, it may cause them to kill a cop.

Last, the lyrics in rock and roll music had a big impact on one of my friends. After my friend started listening to the rock and roll singer Ozzy Osbourne, she started using drugs. She told me that listening to Ozzy Osbourne? s songs made her want to do drugs. She also told me that some of Ozzy? s lyrics related to drugs, and it just made her want to try them. In conclusion, the more rigorous and the more violent lyrics in rock music, the more aggressive a young person may behave. Finally, rock and roll music videos influence the identity formation of young people.

In the article, ? Gender and Family as Moderators of the Relationship between Music Video Exposure and Adolescent Sexual Permissiveness, ? the author Nancy Buerkel-Rothfuss and Jeremiah Strouse discuss how exposure to rock music videos on television and premarital sexual attitudes and behavior affect a families environment. For example, Buerkel-Rothfuss and Strouse state that? adolescents like to watch music videos because the image enhance their enjoyment and appreciation of the music and helped them understand the messages of the songs? (505). Also, rock music videos can lead a young person to violence. To illustrate, the authors discuss how? short exposure to music videos can result in a desensitization to violence and increased acceptance of antisocial behavior? (505). Next, young people who watch Music Television (MTV) are also influenced by their videos that they display on television. For instance, the authors say that the videos on MTV influences young people to purchase? albums, posters, T-shirts, and other fashionable memorabilia? (505).

In short, watching rock music videos may help a young person to identify himself, or it may lead him to violence. In conclusion, rock and roll music is omnipresent. No matter where a person goes or what a person does, rock and roll music can and will be influential in that person? s life. Different people react to the same rock and roll music in different ways. Regardless of how a person reacts to rock and roll music, the music itself will mold and shape a person? s identity as a human being. Works Cited American Academy of Pediatrics.

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