Essay Assignment 2 Mike Rose, 'Entering the Conversation' Cardinal Henry Newman, 'The Idea of a University' Mike Rose in "Entering the Conversation" starts of from the time where he had finished high school and was entering college. He lived in south L. A with his mother and the neighborhood he lived in was a very poor place and all around him were very poor uneducated people. Seeing all that made Rose try to go to college and finish higher education.

He wanted to do better than these people around him and he wanted to do something special. He lived only with his mother because his father had passed away. After some time he moved out to a trailer in front of his house and made it his own home. His step dad helped him remodel the trailer.

In the text rose writes 'It is an unfortunate fact of our psychic lives that the images that surround us as we grow up no matter how much we may scorn them later give shape to our deepest needs and longings'. He had gone thru very many pain full images in his childhood. One of these images was the death of his father which he was trying to forget, but these images came back when his step dad committed suicide which again represented the sadness and dad time he protected him self against. The smart thing he did to get away from this time was turning him self more toward education and knowledge. He realized that if wanted to be something better and he wanted to move out of that trailer he needed to finish his education. He could not let the anxiety and sadness get in the way and he had to escape these bad images and concentrate on good images.

He could not let bad images influence the chance of better life and the chance if higher education. In roses life there was also a lot of positive images. These positive images were people that pushed him to succeed and helped him pass thru some ruff times. One of these people was Mr. Mcfarland. He helped him in times where he was tempted to quit school, in times where he was confused and scared.

He help rose realize how important the higher education was in life and that he could do anything as long as he tried harder. There was a lot of other people like his other teachers that helped him study easier with 'the close, line by line examination, the citing of critical opinion' and with that he realized that by this and by asking questions he was learning more. Also like Cardinal Newman said in "The Idea of a University' that liberal education 'puts the mind above the influences of chance and necessity, above anxiety, suspense, unsettlement, and superstition, which is a lot of many'. What Newman was trying to say here is that thru a life time there is always going to be a lot of problems, sad times, and unexpected things are going to happen, but you still can not let anything In the way of your education.

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