Question # 1: What role and status does he occupy in the organization? Answer: Taking into context, in particularly the hierarchy of the HR department, he occupies the position of an executive as well as a generalist at the apex level of the organization. Basically within the HR department, he leads a team of seven employees thus co-ordinates directly with his assistant manager, law consultant, field research officer and for other HR officers, each concentrating a different HR function assigned to them which includes staffing, compensation & benefits, human resource development & labor relations. Question # 3: Which function does the HR department tends its focus / concentration on? Answer: He emphasized that the primary function of the HR department is to integrate organizational strategy with its HR strategy. This integration is only possible when all the functions of HR are linked with the overall mission & strategy of the organization. This means that the organizational goals should be transformed into departmental goals and the departmental goals into individual goals. Question # 4: How do you maintain co-ordination with the Board of Trustees as well as different levels / departments of the Trust Hospital? Answer: Considering the entire organizational hierarchy, he provides reports and feedback to the CEO.

And at times gives presentations to the board of governors / trustees . QUESTION # 5: What are the responsibilities that you are expected to fulfill under the given status? Answer: His responsibility is to ensure and develop an explicit and clear understanding of the HR functions of the central personnel department, administration department, and the operations related units which include the Finance, Accounting and Marketing departments and then setting up clear cut implementing guidelines and demarcations. Besides the above, his priorities include keeping an open, conscious and vigilant eye on the performance and accountability of the members of the HR department team. Question # 6: What policies has the HR department devised for employee development and motivation? Answer: On this he replied," We are implementing on a lot of standardized procedures in regard to the ISO 9000 standards, for which we are able to address all the issues concerned issues including employees' On the job training, External trainings, Performance Appraisals & Counseling including other related issues." A lot of policies have recently been put into practice, like Long Service Awards, Leave Fare Assistance (LFA), free medical treatment and promotions on the basis of Annual Appraisal. He also mentioned activities like Annual Employees Night and Employees Carnival whose sole purpose is to keep the employees motivated and involved. Question # 7: How do you identify and cater to the specialized needs of various departments whose fulfillment is part of your responsibility? Answer: On the internal level, meetings are conducted on joint as well as on individual basis with the heads of all the concerned departments which include the Clinical department, Diagnostics department, Ancillary department, Operations Control department, general hospital Administration department and other departments relating to the financial and marketing issues.

In these meeting various issues are discussed which include vacancies that are created due to doctors who are on leave for attending training courses, conferences and other further specialization related study leaves. Also for the situational and contingency requirement of professionals. Among the above the agenda also includes their proposals / requirements of administrative and professional workforce for future extensions. Question # 8: How do you perform HR planning for the staffing needs? Answer: For this purpose, he starts by approaching the hospital's current professionals employed; the basic idea is to provide them with an environment and facilities to their satisfaction along with various compensations and benefits. Secondly, conduct market surveys for more qualified specialists and professionals (who are emerging and adding up to the new market pool), in line with the job specifications provided by the line managers of various departments.

The spectrum of survey is broadened by keeping close contacts with international organizations for cancer cure, various other hospitals and medical schools for the purpose of attracting and then signing-in of service contracts with the professionals employed there. Question # 9: Do you think that your job is more important and sensitive in comparison with HR managers in other organizations? Answer: He replied in a definite "yes" with complete absoluteness that is due to the fact that the organization in which he is employed (i. e. a hospital), deals with a very sensitive and delicate purpose i. e. provision of health services for human welfare specially dealing with fatal diseases like Cancer.

For which his job should be performed with minimal risk taking with little or NO compromises as even a flicker of mishap or negligence (like non availability of a required doctor) may lead to the loss of a precious life, which is totally an unacceptable cost under any circumstance. Therefore, he has to ensure the availability of the required staff under any circumstance. Conclusion: In short, Mr Kami is intending to make certain implications in an attempt to bring about radical changes in the functioning of the HR department under his supervision. He is striving to bring about certain positive changes in the HR culture, like setting up standards of excellence, giving empowerment to his subordinates by giving them some sort of decision making authority thus inculcating in them a sense of self-reliance and personal responsibility. Giving out the results like responsiveness, adaptability and proactively which are vital for their efficient and effective performance.