The consumer willingness to buy this product will be built up by the fact that this product is so versatile. It has many uses including steak sauce, barbecue sauce, topping for fresh salad, and many other favorable cooking uses. By Uncle Herman giving out a brochure with this product it boosted awareness and demonstrated the benefits of the product and gave convenient recipes that the user could use in their own home. This brochure will help to draw in new users of this product because they will be able to see all of the uses that the sauce has such as sauce for seafood, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, Russian dressing, charbroiled baked beans, sloppy Joe's, meat loaf, chicken, a variety of beef cuts, and potato salads. Someone who is interested in possibly spicing up his or her family dinners or keeping their children interested in new types of dinners may purchase this product.

Uncle Herman could offer consumers packages that are ready to use. What I mean by this is offer a product that the consumer could just add one ingredient and the meal is ready. For example they could offer a package where the sauce for meat loaf is premade and there is a sauce for the potato salad and all the consumer has to add is meat loaf and the potato salad and the meal is done that way the use of the sauce is simplified. The ability for consumers to buy this product is hindered by the fact that there is limited availability of this product. The limited availability causes this product to reach only limited consumers, so it is not maximizing the consumer base that is possibly out there for this product. Uncle Herman's product is similar to A-1 and Herman still insists on making his price higher in order to maintain retail margins.

A-1 is a product that already has a popular following so it will be hard for them to steal their buyers especially with a higher price. Uncle Herman should consider offering lower prices for his product in the beginning in order to build a following and then raise it over time in order to regain his retail margins. Also, he should try to get more retail buys or sell his product and offer to send a representative out to the store to offer free samples of the product so people can taste the product and see how good it is first hand.