-The Basics What is AIDS? What is AIDS? Who can be Infected? How is it Transmitted? -The Basics Who can be Infected with HIV? What is AIDS? Who can be infected? How is it Transmitted? Symptoms of New HIV Infection Using a Condom Using a Dental Dam Safer injection An HIV Vaccine? Anyone. A virus doesn't recognize risk groups. HIV has affected gay men, lesbians, heterosexuals and bisexuals. It is found in all races, nationalities and age groups. In the U. S.

, gay men were among the first people to be infected in the U. S. In Africa, for example, HIV illness overwhelmingly affects heterosexuals. The tragic rise in AIDS cases, though, has taught us a crucial lesson. Education and safer sex precautions do work. They are our best weapons against the virus Symptoms of New HIV Infection Using a Condom Using a Dental Dam Safer Injection An HIV Vaccine? AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a condition believed to be caused by a virus called HIV.

This virus attacks the immune system, the body's 'security force' that fights off infections. When the immune system breaks down, you lose this protection and can develop many serious, often deadly infections and cancers. These are called opportunistic infections because they take advantage of the body's weakened defenses. You have heard it said that someone 'died of AIDS.' This is not entirely accurate, since it is the opportunistic infections that cause death. AIDS is the condition that lets them take hold.