Employee Satisfaction on Semiconductor industry. Employee satisfaction has been getting wide attention in the manufacturing sector as well as semiconductor industry. Everyone works for a living, but in today's industrialized society, the subject of job satisfaction has become more importance. When people have positive feelings on job, they are motivated to work harder and effectively. Negative feelings on job termed- job dissatisfaction have been broadly linked with absenteeism, turnover, as well as poor mental health, pressure and stress. Electronic products comprising semiconductor components are Malaysia biggest export items.

Malaysia's semiconductor products are in the cash cow position and faster growing stage. S. E. H Malaysia Sdn.

Bhd. supplies high quality silicon wafer and others semiconductor substrates to domestic semiconductor market. The world's semiconductor industry including Malaysia are experiencing slowly recovery from the slump. The arising of China is threatening Malaysia's semiconductor products market value. China gains competitive advantages such as lower labour cost, cheaper raw materials and high population, which Malaysia is unable to compete.

The America economies slowdown and weakened of US dollar bring negative impacts on Malaysia's semiconductor sales because America is Malaysia largest semiconductor export market. Questionnaires have distributed to measure the level of employees's satisfaction, thus, obtaining employees' feedback and analysing their needs and wants. Interview is conducted to further understanding the company's rewards system. This study examines the factors of causing employee satisfaction on job. The examination of employee's level of satisfaction leads to understanding the intensity of employee motivation. Overall, the study emphasizes the effectiveness of monetary and non-monetary rewards in employee satisfaction level.

The analysis identifies that employees surveyed are satisfied with their jobs. The findings indicate salary is the best form of rewards to the employees. Achievement in carrier and gaining personal growth are the main issues affecting employees' level of satisfaction.