High School Investment Club An investment club is a bunch of people that meet together to learn about investing. They meet periodically, for a time of learning but also having fun. Many places across the nation have participated in this. It is a great way to meet people with the same interest. A high school investment club deals with the stock market and how it works. It is for students that want to understand and become interested in the idea of investing money.

The team gets a set amount in fake money; they then invest it in the stock market over a set period of time. The teams compete against each other to see who can win the most money, prize are awarded to the team that earns the most. The idea of this is to learn about investing while having fun. Students have to identify stocks and watch over their performance, this will give them the concepts of finical analysis. The students are shown how to invest stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They will learn the technique on how to read stock market quotes, as well as charts and how to gather information about price earning ratios.

They can gather information from the internet, business section in newspaper, and any other place. They will then work in teams to create a portfolio online. The Wall Street Society provides for many students to learn new things beyond their school. They have taken students to sit in during meetings, and have brought speakers to talk in during their meetings. The Wall Street Society has given high school investment club members more confidence, leadership, and maturity. Those students have learned more about investing than many adults.

They have enough knowledge to go out and start their own investment club. High school investment clubs give students life long skills that will help them prepare for the rest of their life.