How to be an Effective Manager. A manager is a leader who leads the team and influences his team members. It is the leader's duty to provide an environment for team members to achieve team or organizational objectives. There are several competencies required in order to be an effective manager.

Good qualification, knowledge of business, intelligence, emotional intelligence, motivation, and self-confidence are very important to have in order to be a successful manager. A minimum of four years degree in management is required to qualify for a manager's position. However, that requirement varies according to the organization. Some organizations may require higher qualifications, and some organizations prefer someone with lots of managing experience and not concern themselves with the minimum education required... One's must have above average cognitive ability to process massive amounts of information. He or she must have superior ability to analyze alternate scenarios and identify potential opportunities.

Emotional intelligence is very important to have in order to be a successful manager. A manager should be able to monitor his or her and others' emotions and then use the information to guide their thoughts and actions. Emotional intelligence requires a strong self monitoring personality, because a manager must be sensitive to situational cues and readily adapt his or her own behavior appropriately. The manager must know him or herself in order to get to know his employees. And also a manager should have the ability to empathize with others and the social skills necessary to build a relationship as well as network with others. A manager should be able to motivate him or herself and others.

Money isn't the only thing that motivates people. Many employees are motivated by being appreciated or feeling that they have made a difference when they are rewarded for their achievements. Also enthusiasm is infectious. When a manager transmits enthusiasms to his or her staff, motivation increases..