As an introduction, Kingsford Metals came into existence since 1983 and in the past 20 years we have become one of the most successful manufacturers and suppliers of premium gifts, metal accessories, metal parts and components on the market. Apart from exclusive designs from us, we can also manufacture goods to your demand and design. For this, we are pleased, proud and grateful to our customers and potential customers. We are pleased because our customers have confirmed our belief that we provide products which are new, exciting, innovative and of excellent quality at competitive prices.

We are proud because we are a company that has a high recognition of customer satisfaction. We guarantee that merchandise can be returned if it proves to be disappointing and on-time delivery of merchandise without disappointment. We are grateful to potential customers like you, because of your interest in our company to provide fine service and quality products. Without potential customers like you, there would be no reason for us to be pleased or proud. We thank you giving us an opportunity to be of service to you. As always we are committed to providing customers with products of the highest quality manufactured with the finest materials and exclusive designs.

It is also our mission to market these premium products and to develop business growth. I believe that you will find our prices competitive and in keeping with industry trends. Throughout the year we offer our valued customers frequent discounts as an incentive and as a showing of our appreciation. In more detail our range of quality products include: Small Component: Battery Cell Plate, Light Bulb Holder and Eyelets.

Battery Cell Plate! V Our range includes plates from the conventional AAA size batteries to the bigger D size batteries to fit a range of electronic products according to its specification. Custom plates are also available upon request. Light Bulb Holder! V A wide range of designs and sizes available to suit the needs of the requirements. Eyelets - The majority of our eyelets are produced from a high quality copper, aluminum and other metal material through 100% environmental friendly processes. We have distributed eyelets to producers of clothing, garments, shoes and tags / labels . Apart from the traditional metal coloured round eyelets, we can also provide eyelets in a range or conventional colours and shapes to suit your designs.

Premium Gifts: A wide range of stylish keyrings, Name Card Holder, and Desktop Accessories available. Our range of products are manufactured under the best quality materials through strict quality control to ensure its superiority. Each piece in our range are. designed on its own selected from our large variety of designer inputs. Hence, they are guaranteed to be the most functional design to suit its purpose yet with a trendy and elegant appearance.

Each piece is also individually gift boxed and makes exceptional corporate and special gifts. OEM Projects: Our company has been proud to take part in several large OEM projects. Kingsford Products have served many of the leading international companies in our industry. Many of our customers have been with us for 10 years or longer. These projects include supplying custom metal components and parts to large international corporations for the manufacture of their high quality products. Some of these products include parts for home appliances, electronic hair products, electronic switches and other small components..