The author of this article expresses his concerns that the senior chief executive, making the right decision over a critical senior executive appointment can be very difficult. The knowledge of making the right decision eliminates confusion and any assumptions. It clarifies what the decision is and what it is not. The wrong decision can lead to a drop in business performance, loss of productivity, and customer and staff motivation. The end result, decrease profitability and return on investments, falling shareholders return, negative cultural factors, and a loss of key executives to competitors. Stated in the article leadership skills and critical decision making ability are arguably the two core competencies which distinguish the truly successful business leaders.

Leadership skills of the past were seen as an individual working alone in critical thinking and decision-making. Their influences was transcended through mangers, general mangers to making strategic calls, with their managerial teams and external consultants acting as the suppliers of specialist information. Leadership skills of the future share and support the decision of their teams as a group, not as an individual. Each decision maker possesses values, morals, ethics and so on that defines how things should be and how people ought to behave. These "self-evident truths" are called principals. Principals are goals of what are and what are not acceptable ways of pursuing goals.

Leaders spend their time ensuring that their team is supported and equipped to make the right decision the first time. Another aspect of critical thinking is stress. In a leadership role being able to identify what induces stress levels limits the intensity of such factors as competition, task interdependence, ambiguity and lack of communication. Knowing the reactions to certain stresses may help improve individual's situations and some reverent power of leadership. In conclusion, business success is determined by effective leadership skills in an organization that make both critical decisions quickly and influence the decision-making abilities to their teams..